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Moshtari Hilal’s Drawings Explore Identity, Womanhood & Decolonizes Beauty Standards

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Moshtari Hilal is an Afghan-German illustrator, whose striking, semi-autobiographical work reflects on the multiplicity of cultures and collective identity. Her art challenges ideas of mainstream beauty and middle eastern stereotyping. Moshtari-Hilal-910x600

Moshtari Hilal grew up in Hamburg, and with her deep understanding/ study of politics and Islamic studies, she questions stereotypes, cultural prejudices, and beauty ideals like the idealized female virginity and sexual modesty  through her art. Depicting women with facial hair and men wearing veils, she exhibits her works on Instagram, and opens up our pathways of reasoning and examining cultural norms. 


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Drawing and resisting in black/white crossovers, Moshtari Hilal imprints her diversity of thoughts in her art!

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