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The New Bumble Ad with Serena Williams Empowers You to Make the First Move

By February 5, 2019 No Comments

The new Bumble Ad is a powerful call to making the first move and I am here for it! In the Ad, Serena Williams serves and inspires me by saying if she waited to be invited in, for good things, for change to happen, she’d never have stood out.

In a world constantly telling you to wait for good things to happen, to wait for the universe to make things align for you, this Ad smacks us right back into the reality of the not waiting, but going for the things you desire.

Don’t wait to be given power, because you already have it, you just need to wield it.
Serena Williams is a perfect personality for this Ad. She’s one woman who has broken records, served us black excellence in every sphere and shines great love, as the relationship with her sister and then her husband shows.

These words by her will get you into a badass mood this month of February: “The world will tell you that you’re not strong enough to play. They’ll tell you that your story doesn’t matter. The world will tell you that you should “be a lady.” They’ll tell you to dream, but not too big. And to wait to be given power. But here’s what the world won’t tell you: you don’t have to wait for power. You already have it. So make the first move, in work, in love, and in life.”

Gbemi Lolade Adekanmbi is the cultivator of For Creative Girls. She is a firm believer in the fact that there is no division between the ability for science/tech and the ability for Art. Her goal is to cultivate this ability with as many people as possible and execute great ideas.






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