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NgoziTheGreat on Life as a Video Content Creator

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Ngozi Kim, better known as NgoziTheGreat, is a Nigerian-American actress and comedienne. She’s spontaneity and creativity at it’s finest and she shows us that on her Youtube channel GoziTV where she writes, shoots and edit videos herself.

One of Ngozi’s mottos is, “Don’t let any of your circumstances get in your way, do your damn thing because when you die, well that’s it.” And we agree. Life’s too short to play safe.

We had a chat and she shared why she started her channel and the benefits and opportunities she’s gotten through it.

For Creative Girls: How did you get started making Youtube videos?
NgoziTheGreat: I started making YouTube videos in 2012 when I finally decided to bring my ideas to life! I had so much content just lingering in my brain.

Comedians have various outlets for their creativity. Why did you choose to share yours via Youtube?
YouTube was the first platform online that I could truly say felt right for me to express myself freely.

What made you decide to take your talent for comedy and acting as a career and not an expensive hobby?
People get paid and recognized for doing jobs and going into career fields that they loved to do. I wanted the same thing.


You left your job and went into making Youtube videos full time sometime ago. What led to that decision?
I was tired of my employers dictating what I want to do with my life and time. I didn’t want to spend any more time being unhappy working for companies I hated.

What motivates you everyday? How are you able to stay constantly creative?
Sometimes staying motivated is hard, I’m not going to lie. I think about where I come from, (being a first generation kid of 2 Nigerian immigrants) and knowing how much harder I have to go in my career. If I’m not creating, I’m not happy, so that motivation to keep going will always be there. I want to be happy, so I must create!

What is your work/creative process like?
My creative process is actually not that complex. I get a concept in my head. I then make a mental note then a written note, then I make a plan to put in in action to film!

What are the challenges you’ve faced since the start of your career, from when you had a full-time job and now that Youtube is your main focus?
When I was working for different companies I wasn’t able to fully take advantage of all the creative ventures I wanted to take on. That took a toll on me. I knew working for other people would eventually not work for me. I’m happy with my decisions to walk away from doing work that I hated!

Your skit “Why Black Girls are not in Horror Movies” went viral a few years ago. What was the inspiration for it and how did you handle the attention, criticism and the media?
I was inspired by the fact that black women are hardly in horror movies and that’s hilarious! When the video went to World Star Hip Hop in 2012, I was excited. However, a few people called me ratchet and that stung a little, simply because that was not the plan to come off that way.

Learning is a never ending process. In what ways are you learning to reinvent yourself and to be better at what you do?
I have just recently started taking improv classes! Many people are shocked when I tell them about my lack of ‘proper’ improv training.

What’s your advice for anyone who wants to have a career in acting or comedy or blogging?
I would say to focus on what you are doing. Your vision should not include anyone else. The moment you get distracted by what others are up to, is the moment you start going backwards in your journey. It’s easier said than done, but it must be done!

Find Ngozi on Twitter: NgoziTheGreat, Facebook: NgoziTheGreat, Instagram: NgoziTheGreat and of course YouTube: GoziTV.

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Featured image by Cindy E. Lou.


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