Applications Are Open For Notre Dame’s MFA Creative Writing Full Scholarship Program

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Apply for the University of Notre Dame’s Master of Fine Arts Creative Writing Program.

Every student admitted to the MFA receives:
1) a full tuition scholarship

2) a fellowship which carries a full stipend (currently $12,500 per year)

3) access to a 100{7516946f8b0c1a6ede41439c3ae11d430d01c6cb1788b8e4cf8ff90b3f78e65d} health insurance subsidy

The University of Notre Dame offers every admitted student full funding in the form of a tuition scholarship and a fellowship which comes with a stipend and responsibilities in the following areas: Publications (Notre Dame Review or the international press Action Books); Outreach (includes facilitating projects at the Juvenile Justice Center, Robinson Community Center and area schools, as well as on- and off-campus events); and Teaching (all teaching is in creative writing, not comp).
At Notre Dame, the faculty represents a diverse array of aesthetics and approaches to writing, media, language, and genre, as well as a diversity of ethnic and national backgrounds and immigration stories. Each year they strive to admit a class diverse by gender, ethnicity, immigration status, economic background, abilities, and disabilities, reflecting this diversity in their reading series, course work, and events on campus and in the South Bend community.

Each application to the program must be accompanied by a writing sample of 25 – 30 pages of prose or 20 pages of poetry. Admissions are based primarily on the writing sample and letters of recommendation.

Applications are open until Saturday 2 January 2017. Application fee is $75; a limited number of need-based application fee waivers are available. For further information visit the Notre Dame website.

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