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The Women I am & Ori Mi by Omolola Onigbinde

The Women I am
I am different women
Covered by layers of past
My sins are malicious
My heart is black and white
I scrape drily at the grey parts
Seeking for a reason,
Why I dance to tunes of temptations,
How I wiggle my waist to its drum
As I snub my soul’s warnings
I know forgiveness awaits me
So I sway drunkenly
Dragging my feet across the red sands
Slowly caressing the earth with my toes
I closed my eyes and raised my hands
Dancing sorrowfully,
For the women beneath me
The many women I am….
Omolola Onigbinde


Orí mí
Orí mí má gbà bọ dé
My ancestors chanted
I tune into their frequency
Heading my head to guide me
Through my secret destiny
It stands alone
Yet my head is an essence
Deep in its spiritual cells
Lies the days that have been ordained for me…
Orí mí tètè gbé ire pàdé mí lọnà
In the secret chambers of my thoughts
I cry to my head
Lead me to paths that are mine
Caution my spirit lest evil befriends me
I close my eyes and hum praises
At my fortunate head
I dance ritually
As it leads me through dark lighted ways
Orí mí má tá kò mi o
I see myself naked to choices
Clinging to sin
Yelling for restoration
I yell as my ancestors did
Speaking in ceremonial tongues
My head must show me peace
I converse with my head
Show me what the spirit is saying…
Omolola Onigbinde
Omolola Onigbinde
Omolola Onigbinde is a rising poet and short story writer. A graduate of Mass Communication from the University of Jos. She was born in Jos, Plateau State. She writes to relieve the voices in her head through the use of earthy and truthful words, she also writes to praise her muse. She worked as an ambassador with the Custodians of African Literature COAL, she was also the Chief editor of Sunray Magazine. She loves cooking, reading and taking long walks in the evening.
Omolola’s favorite poet is the 13th-century Persian poet, Rumi. His poetry has inspired her to write poems under a genre she calls ‘soul poetry’. She loves reading anything that Maya Angelou writes as well, she is also an African literature addict. She hopes to be a published writer that brings laughter, healing and thoughtfulness.
Omolola currently stays in Abuja though Jos is where her heart is, she blogs at and



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