Open Call for Filmmakers : St. Moritz Art Film Festival

The 2nd edition of St. Moritz Art Film Festival will be held in St. Moritz, Switzerland from 31 August to 3 September 2023.

The application is open to all arthouse film or videos of different genres, lengths and targets with the aim of innovating and demonstrating creative originality in the relationship to the annual theme “Becoming-Landscape”.

Each film will be preceded and accompanied by public encounters and conversations with directors, actors and personalities from the world of art and culture.

The films are divided in two categories:

Films In Competition

An International competition comprising feature-length movies and video art films presented as world premiere.
Only films presented as world premieres that meet the following criteria are eligible for Competition:

  • Films that were completed after 1st September 2021;
  • Films that have not had any form of commercial distribution or exhibition on the Internet;
  • Films that neither have been previously screened to the public and/or the press, nor have been presented at any other International film festival or cinematographic event, including those in the country of origin.

An International Jury composed of five personalities from the world of cinema and culture from various countries will award the following prizes:

  • Love at First Sight Award.
  • Best Film by an Artist Award.
  • Best Arthouse Film Award.

Films Out of Competition

Some of the most important works of the year will be presented in the non-competing section.

The films and video works that are selected upon invitation by the Artistic Director, may include the works of established authors who have participated in other Festivals or screened in Museums, or films produced before September 2021 in which the theme ′Becoming Landscape” is accompanied by forms of extraordinary expressive and narrative originality.

Regulation and Submission

The submission of films to the 2nd edition of St. Moritz Art Film Festival is open from 1 January to 31 May 2023. All the movies and video works must be sent with English subtitles.

  • All works submitted must be uploaded in DCP Packaging Format..
  • All the material required for the website of the Festival (200-word synopsis, cast and credits, 200-word biography and a complete filmography of the director, one 300 dpi photograph of the director, one 300 dpi still image of the work in colour).
  • The applicants are invited to provide information on their contacts and curriculum vitae.

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