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How to be Open Minded: 10 Tips for Increasing your Network & Accepting Others! | Doaa Gamal

Living a different life from our parents and belonging to a different generation, has put us in a place where we have to relate, work and communicate with different ages, backgrounds, beliefs, and mentalities! It is therefore essential to be open minded, especially if you want to grow your network and meet people. Accepting others and their differences which could be in race, religions, beliefs, attitudes, is going to help you in communicating easily and in gaining new experiences!
According to Wikipedia, being open minded means being receptive to new ideas. “Open-mindedness relates to the way in which people approach the views and knowledge of others, and incorporate the beliefs that others should be free to express their views and that the value of others’ knowledge should be recognized.” How to be Open Minded - Doaa Gamal

Being an open minded person is one of the best things in the world, I help you figure out how in the below steps:

Try something new
When people recommend something new for you to try, do not panic. Give yourself a lot of credit as a courageous individual and be convinced that trying something new is going to add to your life experiences, at least, it’s going to help you understand some new concepts or know something you did not know before!

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Travel to different countries
Traveling to other countries, states and places will help you understand more about different cultures, traditions, and habits! It will help you in understanding more about the different people and worlds that exist around you! Traveling changes your perspective.  Travel is Good

Search via Internet
Educate yourself by searching via the internet and reading about different subject matters around the world.

Participate in international exchange programs
Participating in different exchange programs around the world. This is going to help you in seeing new places, making new friends and getting an idea about different country histories.

Visit international restaurants in your country
Try visiting different international restaurants in your country, such as Indian restaurant, Chinese restaurant, etc. This is going to help in tasting different kinds of food according to its people traditions and habits!

Get internships, volunteering and jobs opportunities with international associations
Working with an international organization, helps you become aware of different cultures and backgrounds. It is going to help you in learning new techniques, different work environment and learning some international attitudes! You will learn how to communicate with different people and see different styles of work/communication how it could affect professionally while working on various projects! How to be Open Minded - Doaa Gamal - Internship

Don’t be afraid to make new friends
Be the kind of person who is interested in making new friends whatever their culture or background! You are going to learn new stuff and that will help you accept different thoughts and behaviors! Making new friends will add to your character and help in gaining new experiences!

Go to the cinema and watch international movies
One of the most interesting and attractive methods for knowing more about different countries, people and beliefs are by watching movies. You can understand things related to a person’s traditions, habits or even their history by going to the cinema and watching movies! For instance: If you tried to watch a movie about war or even documentary, you will gain a lot of information about that country and how it has been built over time.

Be sociable and create your network
Do not hesitate in having friends from different countries around the world! You’ll be able to gain expert knowledge from your friends and will have a new appreciation of something you never considered before.

Test your thoughts
Ask your close friends and family members about something they would like to point out about your character. Work on something that could be changed in your worldview or thought process and start redefining your thoughts to make yourself more open minded. When you notice a thinking error, replace it with a realistic statement.

Remember: We are not similar. God has created us differently. Every person has something unique in his/her character. Accept to communicate with people that have different mentalities and backgrounds, that is going to add not only to your knowledge but also to your life`s experiences!! “Those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.” ― George Bernard Shaw.

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