Pakistan To The World: Meet Rameesha Syed, Founder Of Pinata Magazine

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Pinata online magazine is a Pakistan based magazine that really stands out as a solid embodiment of a creative Pinata and Rameesha Syed, the founder of Piñata executes the Mantra of the magazine in all its ramifications.
Piñata, a party popper in its true sense, is a group of friends who have set out to create a House of Imaginations for themselves. Coming from different backgrounds, studying in different fields and having different passions, this group of diverse individuals know how to bring things to everyone’s taste.
For Rameesha Syed, Piñata is a dream come true and this is why she’s working hard in the House of Imaginations as she crams for her BSc Politics and International Relations degree. If there’s something you should know about this girl, it is that she knows what she’s doing. She slays as MeeshaSlays, her personal blog where when you once start reading her writings you won’t want to stop. While she loves binge-watching on her numerous TV shows, Rameesha is also often found playing cricket with her little cousins.

Hi Meesha, Pinata is such a vibrant online magazine! What led you to create an online house of imagination?
Hey, Creative Girls! Firstly, I’d like to thank you so much. Secondly, to answer your question, I’d only say two words that were the most important factors: PASSION and CREATIVITY.

How has studying BSc Politics and International Relations influenced you and the work you do at Pinata?
Um, to be honest, it has helped me in a very unconventional way. For starters, the people I met during my first year now play a very vital role to Piñata. Then, the systematic approach my degree requires has further made compartmentalization so much easier. Moreover, there is the process of editing of the content that resembles a lot to the process that takes place for me to complete an essay/assignment – the research, the constant editing, and all that. I wanted to do Journalism primarily but since there is no international programme being offered for it, Politics and IR became my choice.

Let me be with the winds. I don’t ask for your permission, Or any allowance to sustain me. For the journey I’ve decided to take, Is going to set me free. Let me be with the winds. I say this with utmost determination and stubbornness. For the journey I’ve decided to take, Is going to liberate me from you. Let me be with the winds. This has nothing to do with you. I want to be my own person; Not what everyone wants me to be. For the journey I’ve decided to take, Is going to make me the person I was destined to be. Let me be with the winds. Because there is no power in this world, To contain my wildness, Or keep me from becoming, what I’m meant to be. For this journey I’ve decided to take, Is all I need; Is all I’ll ever want. Let me be with the winds. For there I am, Free and flowing. ***************************************** ✍🏼 by @meeshaslays 📸 by @claraalonsonet ***************************************** #MeeshaSlays #poetryofinstagram #poetry #writersofinstagram #writerscommunity #writers #writerslife #writeitdown #writingsonthewall #writinginspiration #writingquotes #writingofig #words #wordporn #write #writing #communityofwriters #poem #poet #instawrite #instapoet

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What’s one stereotype you’d like to change or break?
The stereotype that a woman must be defined by the clothes she wears SHOULD be stopped. I mean, a bold lip colour, a black dress, and high heels don’t necessarily mean the girl’s trying to entice someone. I personally love all three of those things.

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Are you a routine person or how do you stay productive? What’s your routine like? Give us a snippet of a typical day in the life of Rameesha Syed?
I am very lazy but I always manage to get things done before time. I procrastinate a lot but whenever I want to get things done, it is not hard for me to make myself do them. Also, I believe in hydration and working out; nothing helps you plan your day more time-efficiently like these two things.
As for my routine, I have classes Monday through Friday. I hardly have time to spend with my friends and family because I am always working for Piñata or studying, but I try my best to squeeze in some time. I always read at night before I sleep – no matter how tired I am.

How do you see creativity? What’s your definition of creativity?
Creativity cannot be downloaded, stolen or tampered with. It exists inside of you and is raw. It is like stars in an empty night sky.

Tell us about 3 women you admire.
1) Muniba Mazari
2) Shay Mitchell
3) My khala, Yasmin.

Recommend books and websites that creative women should read?
Books: It would be cliche to include this but I have connected to this book so deeply and on so many levels that it is truly my favourite; The Forty Rules of Love changed my life for the better.
Websites: Would I be self-absorbed if I say :p

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