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Just Graduated? How to Plan for your Future Career | Doaa Gamal

Most graduates look forward to spending the rest of their lives doing something they are passionate about. But, a lot of people are missing the right path and are at a loss about achieving their different goals and dreams.
So, if you are bent on not losing your way, our advice to you is to have a career plan and get cracking with your future career. A Career plan can help you to make the right decisions about what technical or practical classes you should take, and how to enhance your skills while working on extracurricular activities and internships that will make you a strong job candidate.
Currently, different companies around the world, prefer to hire candidates that have different life experiences whether you got them via internships, working or even previous volunteering work experiences!

We are looking forward to helping you get on the right path so you don’t get stuck in the labor market. Follow the below steps for helping in achieving your future goals and dreams:

Be aware of the different choices in the labor market
Know the different choice of fields and industries in the labor market! This will help you in knowing more about what to look for when creating your future career plan. Surf the Internet and read the job description of every job positions that you have heard about to know how it will be suitable for you and how you can improve your skills for getting the required experiences!

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Set up a plan for your future career
For most companies’ requirements, you need to have their minimum acceptance competences. You can work on that by getting different kinds of internships and volunteering work in what you are passionate about. This will help you in getting the required experiences, creating your network and understanding how to work professionally! It will also help you in enhancing your CV. Plan for your Future Career - Just graduated

Submit your CV & wait for the interview
Try to submit your CV to different organizations and companies which is the first step in getting the experiences and competing in the market. If your CV gets accepted, you are going to have an interview with the HR & Manager of the department which you are looking forward to joining. According to your experiences and performance in the interview, you’ll get their feedback! If you get accepted in the interview, then you are going to join their company, but, if you did not get accepted, then, you are not going to be able to join their firm. BUT, in my opinion, it’s going to help you gain interview experiences and how to prepare yourself for future opportunities!

Joining the company after getting accepted in the interview
After joining the company/firm which you have applied for, you’ll have your opportunity in getting practical experiences in what you are passionate about. In that case, you need to understand and get more knowledge about the major department or role you are interested in. Try to learn from the experts there. Learn how to be helpful and work in a team. Create your network and increase your life’s experiences!

Have a long-term plan
While working for a company with your team. You are going to learn a lot of different stuff, such as: learning from their previous experiences, learning new attitudes, improving your technical and personal skills, etc. Do not hesitate in asking them as your network about the best methods that can help you in improving your future career plan, such as: getting specific kind of certificates, learning new technical topics, etc. That will help you in your long-term plan in getting promoted fast and getting better positions!

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