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How to Reach Your Target Market Using Video Marketing

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One of the most common mistakes that creators make is to think that the target audience will come without any effort over to the online video marketing channels. It has been found that more than 78% of people watch videos online every week, out of which only a small fraction is interested in what you sell. When that is the case, you need to channel your efforts into fulfilling the needs of the target audience. You will have to think of different ways in which you can bond with your online audience. Concentrating on your target audience is necessary as those people will watch your videos online to get to know more about your services or products. 

It stresses the fact that you will have to target the general target audience with proper strategies, as not everyone who sees your online videos wants to find out more about your products. You will have to pay attention to specific audience segments that you think are relevant to the brand. We will talk about some of the easiest ways in which you can do so. 

How to Reach Your Target Market Using Video Marketing

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Tips to Reach Your Target Audience

Here are some useful tips for online video marketing and how you can reach your target audience.

Leveraging Social Media Channels

Try not to restrict your efforts of video marketing to YouTube only. Video is regarded as a high-performing format. You will need to tap into the power of video content across every social platform so that you can hook the audience. There are video-focused platforms like Watch Party and IGTV. But that does not indicate you will ignore other platforms. Such platforms permit users to go for long-form videos. While Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram might not fall under the group of mainstream video marketing platforms, you will have to put out video-based content on these platforms so that you can engage your audience. 

One of the coolest tricks that you can use for your social media video content is to use a green screen. A green screen will let you add the background of your choice with minimal effort. It is a simple technique that can make your videos look better.

Going for Social Media Intelligence Tools

Every video channel comes with ways of directing videos to a particular audience. You can go for Google Ads if you want targeted promotion of your videos. You can also opt for YouTube analytics to see how your video works for a specific audience group. YouTube comes with loads of demographic targeting tools. The default target is set to “all users.” You can use the refining tools to define interests, demographics, placement groups, and affinity groups to reach your target market in the best way. Facebook targets the audience in a special way, using what is called “engagement custom audience.” When activated, Facebook will show more of your videos to the audience section responsible for most of your views. 

In case you need to build a more all-inclusive and well-informed video marketing strategy, you can opt for third-party tools. For instance, the YouTube analytics tool from Unbox Social can help you analyze content, capture the activity of your competitors on YouTube, and listen to your audience. Using this tool, you can easily derive video insights and change your strategy for better engagement. 

Speaking the Audience Language

The overall importance of speaking in the audience’s language can never be overestimated. Try to think about it – when your brand is filled with middle-aged men, and the target audience is teenage girls who buy female hygiene products, can you talk like them? The answer will be no, for sure. It is where a great video marketing strategy comes into play. A professional can help you here to get the best. Experienced video marketers can easily single out the target market’s language and naturally include the same in their videos. An experienced video marketer can tell you what words use and what cannot be used. They can relate to the target audience in a better way and are always in a better position to develop great video content.

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Finding the Favorite Video Format

One of the critical steps in reaching the target audience is to explore various video formats and use the one that can resonate with them. You can do this by balancing customer demographics and the way in which people use your services or products. Here are some video formats that can establish some form of link with a specific kind of audience.

  • Humour: It can be a superb idea if the goal of your brand is to promote followership. It is mainly because humour videos can build a wide audience quickly with the help of quick sharing on social media platforms. You can opt for making parodies, skits, or other funny formats. In fact, you can make your brand page viral with such videos. 
  • How-to-videos: It is a video format that can work great for all those consumers or audiences who like to go for new challenges. It is a format that is used by businesses that are into gadgets, beauty products, and other stuff.
  • Behind-the-scenes: Such videos can resonate more with B2B audiences. It will let your audience get a glimpse of everyday operations and the production process. For instance, if your product is related to beauty, you can give your audience a sneak peek into the materials you use.
  • Motion/Animation: It is a video format that goes well for the audience who needs motivation or education. It includes salespeople, new customers, students, and bloggers. As educational videos might get boring, using animations can help make the learning process easier and more fun. 


Video is often considered one of the most powerful content formats that can help take your business to a new level. Try to use videos as a part of your strategy to bring in more audience. 


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