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Relevance Of Career Fair | Annette Kariuki

In the midst of the high rate of unemployment, are career fairs relevant?
As they highly impact our society especially to our youth and our future due to the dynamic ever-changing environment in this technological era. Currently, our unemployment rate stands at 11.47%; though it is expected to be 10.50% at the end of this quarter. This is according to Trading Economics global macro models and analysts expectations.

Basically, a career fair is meant to unlock opportunities for Form four leavers as well as college students. These individuals are mostly targeted at such events. During these career fairs, other companies are usually represented. Normally, these companies mostly aim to create opportunities for college students in order to acquire internships and also to market themselves.

It is alarming that once graduates finish school, few get to be absorbed into the job sector. According to a study conducted last year, 7 million Kenyans were unemployed and 1.4 million were desperately looking for jobs. It is sad that most Kenyans end up tarmacking for years looking for jobs. In a recent career fair held at JKUAT, most students we interviewed stated that “The career fair is very relevant especially with the high rate of unemployment in Kenya.’’
Moreover, it can also be attributed to the courses which they select or choose. Some of these courses turn out not to be `marketable’ in the current job sector. Hence, the affected student tends to either pursue another line of work since it proves difficult to acquire a job with the current course pursued. This can be linked to a lack of guidance or poor choices. Thus, a student ends up being frustrated and depressed too.
These career fairs are also relevant in order for students to learn more and get to venture into different sectors. Notably, there are different sectors within our economy that students can highly benefit from; especially in terms of employment. Unfortunately, few companies tend to be represented in such events. Most guest speakers end up being lecturers for several departments. This proves to be a hard nut to crack especially for the institution.

Furthermore, these events help establish a connection with a particular company. As a student, you get to create strong networking opportunities with such companies. This, in turn, gives the students a great opportunity to create a good rapport with the students. They also get to apply for internships through their various links.
Another way they are relevant is due to the emerging trends in the job market. Most companies have diversified by far in terms of how they are being conducted. In this digital era, some activities are being conducted online. Take a look at banking. An individual can conduct some banking services at the comfort of his or her mobile phone. This is courtesy of modern technology.

These events have also proven to be a great benefit towards students. This is due to the input they acquire from various speakers who have been invited to the event. It enriches them to a point whereby they tend to see beyond. It also offers them a platform to incorporate such ideas into action.
Authorities involved in organizing such events are normally faulted for offering courses which fail to benefit the student. However, career experts recommend the youth to be incorporated into the job sector. This is because youth are highly influential towards our current society.

In conclusion, there is a call for various institutions to invite other companies in order for students from different faculties to benefit. In the recent career fair at JKUAT, most students called upon the institution to incorporate other speakers from different companies. They also recommended that more companies be invited to such events.

Annette KariukiAnnette Wangechi Kariuki is a student and online writer, studying Mass Communication at Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology.







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