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Shaivalini Kumar is Using Letters of the Alphabet to Depict Sisterhood

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Shaivalini Kumar’s 36 Days of Type is a graphic, alphabet driven exploration of sisterhood and how friendships are maintained over the years and across geographical landscapes. She uses Typography to pinpoint all the favorites things she shares (and most likely you too) with her friend.

In Shaivalini’s words 36 Days of Type “is a typography fueled exploration of the weird and wonderful things that many long-distance relationships are made of. Separated by several time zones and thousands of miles from family and loved ones, we decided to celebrate the many small ways in which we still stay connected to each other.”

Each letter of the alphabet has been crafted as a love letter to being kindred spirits, regardless of time, space and physical separation. It shows the recreation of sisterhood over digital tools, creative gestures, and gratitude-filled moods.
Shaivalini Kumar’s project is an ode to creative expressions of the heart using visual elements, language, and bold colours.

Shaivalini Kumar is a Visual Communication Designer based in Copenhagen, who works primarily with Visual Design, Branding, Illustration and Typography. She’s been featured on Photoshop’s 25under25, Google, Adobe Inspire Magazine and has spoken at several places.

Featured Image via Adobe Blog.

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