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Nature & Science Team up for Skincare: Zeze Oriaikhi-Sao’s Malée

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In the past, Skincare used to be a cumbersome concept, tainted with warnings about the side-effects of the products we were using and filling the hearts of people with trepidation.
However, in the last couple of years, the world has embraced natural/nature-based skincare routines. There’s myriad of interesting content and proof-worthy advice about the use of different fruits and foods to get an awesome skin. Who doesn’t like the glow that comes with having an amazing skin and skincare routine?
But, with nature-based skincare routines come the stress of getting the ingredients and applying them. Zeze Oriaikhi-Sao - Skincare Company Malée

Enter Zeze Oriaikhi-Sao, a passionate entrepreneur with a love for capturing the essence of wanderlust Africa. In 2009, she moved from the UK to South Africa and in the height of the economic recession decided to capture the essence of using the natural for the skincare, backed up with scientific knowledge to create Skincare products.
Zeze set out to manufacture skincare products with local, naturally derived ingredients, like avocado oil, shea butter, and tea tree extract, taking advantage of the nature-bound atmosphere in South Africa. From there she birthed her company, Malée! Inspired by the rich landscapes, alluring scents and ancient wisdom of Africa, Malée balances 100% natural active ingredients and scientifically proven formulas to heal, protect and pamper your skin.

Thoroughly researched and launched with a leap of faith, Zeze is focused on turning her world-class range into a global ‘cult’ brand with Malée. From Body care products, Perfumes and Scented candles to solid tips. Malée has become the go-to platform for your natural skincare routine/products.

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Team work makes the dream work. Meet the Malée team! 💥

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