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Soap Emojis: Zest Emojibons Created By Anna Keville Joyce

Anna Keville Joyce is a Food Stylist & Culinary Creative Director. With a background in Anthropology, Design, and Food Styling, Anna has participated in a large variety of photography and film projects worldwide and has been featured in numerous publications and exhibitions.
Originally from the USA and currently based out of Buenos Aires, Argentina, and New York City; Anna Keville’s creative spark, attention to detail, and keen sense of composition has allowed her to gain a broad international client list including Coca-Cola, Westin Hotel, Nickelodeon, Subway, ELLE China, Tang, Zest.

It is, in fact, her work for Zest that led us to her – she created a series of Soap Emojis for Zest Dulzura and carved out these adorable emoticons from the soap to express the feeling you get from using it.

Apart from this Zest Emojibons campaign, we went in search of her art in general and found them just as exciting as the emojibons. She is an expert at forming art from everyday ingredients and food items. In an interview with SBS, Anna Keville Joyce describes why her heart is drawn to food – “Food is dynamic; it’s not drawing, where you can erase, and it’s not oil paint, which patiently waits for you to come back and retouch.

"A" for Apple – part of the "EATS" Food Type project for IBM France. With PH @andrewbmyers. Full project:

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Feature on our Power Strip Garden from the ENEGRY! food art photography series. Styling: @annakevillejoyce. PH: @zarebinski_photo

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Go indulge yourself on her website and have a fantastic time dwelling there.

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