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Learn 10 Steps: How to Start Your TikTok Account and Become Popular

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If you’ve got a skit to share, a knack for unique dance moves, or just want to engage your audience, it’s time to opt for social media. You will agree that there is no channel other than TikTok that does this well. However, if you want to become popular on TikTok, it’s a different ball game. Of course, you need to scheme out some never-go-wrong tactics. I am pretty sure that you want to get it right. 

Do you happen to know? If you garner a large number of followers on TikTok and become famous enough to become a social doyen, you can even earn some bucks. 

The best part is that you can maximize TikTok from the comfort of your home. All you need to get started is a smartphone or a computer or a good camera. 

To this end, let’s explore our top ten steps on how to start TikTok and become famous. 

Publish videos daily

The first step in achieving almost everything is pulling off consistent inputs. You need to post videos every day to get noticed.

For instance, if you post three videos on TikTok daily, you will drive more traffic and engagements. 

Think about it. The more you publish videos, the more people will see them on their pages. 

Utilize audio tracks

We’ve all been there. Perhaps, we are still there. You will agree that there are a few audio tracks stuck in your mind. You like them and want other people to listen to them.

Audio tracks are one of the most significant reasons people will stop by and watch your TikTok videos. Adding them will give value and identity to your videos. 

So make sure you choose relevant audio tracks for your video. It would help to opt for the ones that match the theme of the video and flow with the transition. The kind of audio tracks you choose will make or mar your TikTok video. 

Maintain a consistent theme

It’s not the best idea to become a Jack of all trades and a master of none on TikTok. Most popular TikTok users have a specific niche that resonates with what they stand for and they stick to it. They upload a rich collection of videos that showcases their capacity and talents in their field. In the real sense of it, such targeted content will not only attract the right audience but also gets massive engagement. 

Utilize trending hashtags

Trending hashtags are one of the most obvious tips to adopt. But it’s still underrated.

Becoming popular on TikTok might come to how much you utilize trending hashtags. These hashtags might earn a lot of views for you. 

All you need to get cracking is to look out for recent trending hashtags. But you don’t have to stop using the ordinary ones either. 

Create quality videos

You will agree that quality is essential in everything. 

 Posting videos with poor quality may lead to horrible comments from your followers. They might get angry, scroll past your contents and stop following you. 

Make sure the background of your video, lighting system and audio effects are up to par. 

The trick is recording your video in a well-lit environment and getting a phone with good camera quality.

Opt for disruptive tiktok content

If you’re a conventional thinker, you should opt for other platforms. The truth is that you can’t become popular on TikTok with that mindset. You will need to unlock the wildest and craziest side while creating TikTok content. 

Contests, skits, makeup, magic, illusion, and many other disruptive models are some of the areas that can gain traction. 

Out-of-the-box contents thrive on TikTok. However, you still need to make unique content and generate ideas from viral content to engage your audience. 

Share your contents

You don’t have to limit your content to the TikTok platform. Why not share them on different channels? 

It would help to share them on Instagram and you will earn more followers. 

The man you used to chat with at work might spot your content, like it, and follow you on both TikTok and Instagram. Every strategic effort goes a long way in helping you to achieve your goals. 

Network with influencers

You will agree that not everyone has the knack for dancing, singing, and creating comical content. How can a regular individual become popular on TikTok? 

You need to do what most people don’t know about. The trick is influencer marketing. It would help to collaborate with a few TikTok influencers who have massive followers. If they help you to promote your videos, you can quickly become popular. Contents from influencers capture more attention because users trust them. They have built trust and forged strong relationships with most users over time. 

In any case, you shouldn’t get swayed by metrics. Your ideal influencers should appeal to your target audience and showcase your values. 

It is challenging to get influencers to engage with content because they have little time to spare. You have to constantly show them that you are worth their efforts. Make sure you follow them on other platforms and engage with their content. 

Influencer marketing is one of the most powerful marketing efforts on TikTok because it comes with originality and authenticity. 

Opt for advertising campaigns

If you need to climb the popularity charts as soon as possible, it would help to opt for paid TikTok ads. 

At the moment, $10 can help you to earn 1000 views. It means that you will have to spend at least $500 on a campaign. 

However, paid campaigns are not enough. Most TikTok users are explorers. Plus, there are numerous videos on the platform. You will need to tickle the curiosity of users to get them to notice your content. After that, you can deploy some influencers to help you to push the content.

Utilize popular challenges or contests

You can opt for hashtags and dance challenges.

Final thoughts

The growth of TikTok has been overwhelming. For digital marketers, content creators, and celebrities who want to become popular on the platform, it offers various opportunities to grow.

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