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7 Interesting Ways Successful People Spend Their Summer Vacation! | Doaa Gamal

Going to the Gym
Practicing sports is an amazing way to spend your summer vacation. It helps in investing your time gainfully and being healthy! It will get your blood pumping, get your endorphins flowing, and revitalize your spirit. Also, it’s going to help you in being more active when you come back to your work environment. So, do not hesitate in practicing sports & exercises regularly and keep your health fit. 7 Interesting Ways Successful People Spend Their Summer Vacation - Gym

Becoming a Volunteer
Search and join different charities, NGOs, etc. This will help you in achieving a lot of different goals, such as: Helping others while volunteering, meeting new people, creating/expanding your network, being more confident, learning something new, etc.

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Learning Something New
You could also try to learn a new language, such as English, French, Spanish, etc. OR. Even trying to learn a new hobby, such as swimming, drawing, playing piano etc. It will not only lead to you investing your time well, but it’s going to add to your life`s experiences!

Getting an Internship
If you are still studying in the university. Upload your CV to different companies for gaining various summer internship opportunities! Internships during your summer vacation will help you understand how company systems work, it’s going to add to your CV, you are also going to learn things related to your technical major. Plus, you’ll be creating new contacts and expanding your network!

Ask your friends to recommend books, articles, resources to read up on. Choose something you are interested in knowing more about and gain great knowledge and ideas about that area. 7 Interesting Ways Successful People Spend Their Summer Vacation - Reading

Practicing Meditation Exercises
Schedule 15 to 25 minutes as meditation time every week during your summer vacation. Help yourself in being out of stress and focus to think about something calm, so that, you’ll stay holistically present and not drift off mentally. Invite some of your friends in doing meditation exercise with you when they have time and looking forward to gaining comfortable moments. Meditation puts you in a good mood and weeds out negative thoughts and feelings. 7 Interesting Ways Successful People Spend Their Summer Vacation - Meditation

Go to the Beach
Go to the beach during your summer vacation and learn how to enjoy your moments by swimming and diving there. You are going to enjoy the temperature of water; the sun rays and the color of the sky. While being inside the water from time to time, you are going to have a feeling of getting something relaxing within the sound and the smells of the beach. 7 Interesting Ways Successful People Spend Their Summer Vacation - Go to the Beach

Do Not Miss the Most Interesting Moments at Your Life! Always Enjoy Your Time & Be Happy! 

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