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How to Get a Summer Internship with No Experiences!| Doaa Gamal

Getting a summer internship means a great opportunity for you in enhancing your CV. It’ll help in increasing your technical proficiency and creating your network.
So, do not hesitate in submitting your CV to different firms during the summer for joining their summer internship programs! This will help you to get great experiences for better positions and feedback!

Here are some tips could help you in getting summer internship opportunities with No Experiences

Check your career center in your University
Every university has its career center. These centers have a lot of opportunities such as internships, jobs for fresh grads, etc. So, go ahead by asking them about the available opportunities currently, their requirements and how could you join it.

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Join different job/internships fairs and ask for internships opportunities
From time to time, find some firms/companies doing different kinds of jobs/internships fairs or announcing about different opportunities related to work, internships, etc. You could have a talk with HRs in those job/internships fairs and ask about their requirements and their tips for joining their summer internships and increase your chance of gaining more practical experiences. 10 Steps for Improving Your Standard of Living and Starting Your Own Business

Have a LinkedIn account
Having a LinkedIn account is considered one of the best methods in getting a summer internship with different firms and companies. A lot of companies are announcing their available internship opportunities via LinkedIn and you can submit your CV to the e-mails they provide in the announcements! Most of them do not ask for previous experiences, they are looking for to a professional attitude/personality.

Ask your current network
Ask your friends, family members and colleagues how they found out about different internships opportunities and their advice on the whole process! This will help in increasing your chance of getting internships opportunities and enhancing your CV. Workshop - Content Writing

Have a professional cover letter and CV
By having a professional Cover Letter and CV you’ll be showing your skills and explaining more about your goals. This will help the interviewer in knowing more about your future dreams and what you would like to be a specialist in.

Also, you could check the video link below which has some nice tips about how you could get internships opportunities (WITH NO EXPERIENCE). Good Luck! 😊

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