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10 Characteristics Creative Ladies Need To Develop | Vytorrea Oladeinde

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The future of work needs Imagination, Creativity, and Strategy!!!

This is good news as it means that a lot of opportunistic developments will present itself in the long run for creative ladies in their respective industries.

As a female creative involved in the expression of art in your careers such as; Copywriting, Culinary, Creative Writing, Photography, Illustration, Graphic design, Content Development, Fashion Design, and Music constantly, you need to be on top of your game.

Being creative gets you to the door, but some essential traits developed will open up more doors for you.

Below are some of the characteristics every creative lady needs to develop in this fast-paced competitive world:

  • Passion

Live your life passionately, happily yet wisely. As a career woman, let your passion fuel your hustle. Let this inspire you to work hard and give your very best while at it. You must love what you do and be joyful.  A vision without passion and a passion without vision just won’t do; you must have objectives planned out and let your passion propel you towards your goal.


  • Focus

A creative lady should not be intimidated or weighed down by stereotypical conformities. Whatever you do, put your very best in it and be strong enough to keep on going when the tides shift. Refuse to back down due to indiscriminate coercion. You must be ambitious and courageous enough to take risks and focused enough to scale through storms.


  • Energy

Having a great of energy to harness everyday whether mental or physical will help in your career. While remaining enthusiastic, you can spend hours on a work which captures your attention. You must learn to channel your energy into positivity and balance it with time and space into productivity. Having the stamina, excitement and motivation to tackle difficult situations proves to be useful.


  • Smartness

Being smart is not about your level of IQ or being street smart but the ability to maintain your sense of wonder, imagination and curiosity. You have to work on your originality and plagiarism just won’t do. You must be able to produce based on situation, desire and context. Being able to combine intuition and logic to make decisions, produce ideas and create content is also needed.



  • Liveliness

As a creative female, you must learn to loosen up to boost your creative spirit. Being playful yet disciplined, will help you earn doggedness while working on a strenuous assignment. You must learn to combine both the fun and the real work to retain your excitement and determination while working on a project. Cracking jokes, being goofy and mischievous will help ease tension or relieve stress.


  • Imagination

You must learn to be a realistic daydreamer, explore the possibilities of something new and what could be while remaining grounded in reality. You must be able to come up with creative solutions for innovative provisions. You must be transitive enough to connect the dots between facts and fiction.


  • Social Intelligence

Most creative people are introverts while ladies generally tend to be extroverts. As a creative; being an ambivert means you must be socially intelligent to interact with people appropriately. Being an ambivert helps as you remain quiet yet sociable and can interact well with others to generate ideas and inspiration.


  • Respect

As a female creative, being respectful will earn you a reputation in the long run. You can be proud of your accomplishments but not in an offensive or rude manner. Respect will earn you points with the oldies or elders in the industry who can guide you in the journey of your career.


  • Flexibility

You must be flexible and adapt to changes when needed, you must be able to multitask and combine concepts effectively to give the desired expression. You must work on your intellectual and logical ability and have multifarious knowledge. You must be flexible to come up with optimal solutions in different issues.


  • Honesty

As a creative lady, you should be honest in your works ad dealing. Deceit should be far from you but uprightness near. Stand up when right; stand down and change when wrong. Don’t be manipulative but practical.

Oladeinde Vytorrea is currently an undergraduate at the University of Ibadan, Nigeria, when she isn’t studying or watching movies or having a taste of fine cuisine, she escapes into her world of books. As a content developer and a creative writer, she works as a freelance writer for many blogs, websites and individuals.She also volunteers as a peace advocate and also affiliates with organization as a professional Volunteer in making an impact. She is a prolific and passionate writer and believes each book has a story to tell and lives to heal. She’s the author of the funny and intriguing story “The Housemates (Star-Crossed)” published on Bambooks.

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