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Nigerian Minimum Wage Challenge: Ifeatu Nnaobi’s Takes on the Streets of Lagos

Nothing is as powerful as storytelling that succinctly highlights the challenges of everyday life and the tales that come with it.

The Nigerian government has earmarked eighteen thousand Naira  (N18,000) as the minimum wage for its citizens. But, over time, we have realized that this isn’t feasible. The rising cost of living, the plummeting value of the Naira itself, and the unorthodox plight of the average citizen and more all show that one can barely survive on this amount.

As the everyday Nigerian tries to grasp living in rising hazardous economic times, Ifeatu Nnaobi and a couple of her friends decided to go into the street to capture the struggle for change taking place in the hearts, lives and trades of people through interviews and short clips.
They camped out at Egbeda Market and spoke with all sorts of people they could persuade to share their opinions.

Watch her tell us how for 30 days, she tried living on the Nigerian national minimum wage as a means to raise awareness about the falling standard of living in the country.

Follow the journey as she takes each day on the streets of Lagos.

This heart-searing project is an eye opener that bores into the often overlooked lives of the masses. To follow the project and see updates follow Ifeatu on Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.

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