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The Other Box is Increasing Diversity in the Creative Industries

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As a freelancer, I’ve walked through the doors of countless agencies to discover I’m the only person of colour on the creative team, and sometimes in the entire office. When I started digging deeper, I found that judging panels for big-time industry awards, and line-ups for premium ticketed events were also lacking something. They were all white and all somehow still okay with that.” – Roshni Goyate, Co-founder of The Other Box on Diversity in the Creative and Advertising IndustryThe Other Box is Increasing Diversity - Leyya Sattar and Roshni Goyate

The Other Box is an award-winning platform, enlightening and empowering people to work and live more inclusively.
Founded by Leyya Sattar and Roshni Goyate – the two brown, female, state-school educated second/third generation immigrants from working class backgrounds, have combined their lived experience of everyday exclusion and tokenism with academic knowledge of race, racism and radical histories of colonialism to challenge the lack of diversity within the creative industries.

The two Founders who are creatives in design and advertising are championing diversity in the Creative World.
Leyya and Roshni run workshops within agencies and are regularly invited to sit on panels, radio and TV shows for the likes of BBC, Huffington Post and WGSN and also tailor events to discuss issues around diversity, identity, racism and more.

Recently, The Other Box was shortlisted for breaking new ground category at Wow’s Women In The Creative Industries Awards.
You should join their vibrant Facebook group which was opened to create an intersectional, inclusive safe space to empower minority voices.

Follow them on Twitter, Instagram and their Website.

Featured Image Credit: Leyya Sattar’s Twitter Account.

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