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The #VisibleWomen Hashtag On Twitter Is The Most Beautiful Thing Trending Right Now: Here Are 30 Artists To Get You Started

The #VisibleWomen hashtag has been trending for a while now and it is the most blessed thing trending right now.
The hashtag was started in response to a common saying from men in the comics and art industry, who keep reiterating that they would hire women, but there just aren’t any women artists of quality around. “The goal of #VisibleWomen is to disabuse hiring professionals of the notion that women comic artists are rare and to raise awareness of said women with readers,” says Milkfed Criminal Masterminds.

Artist Kelly Sue DeConnick started the hashtag #VisibleWomen, to help amplify the voices and portfolios of women comic artists and it is the most amazing thing I have seen, with women from different parts of the world showing off their magnificent art.


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