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Meet Tori Hinn’s Women of Graphic Design

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Women of Graphic Design is a project focused on exploring issues of gender equality in education provided by design institutions and exhibiting the contributions of women in the field of graphic design. It is a source of learning and sharing, and ultimately a platform to spark discussion. women of graphic design website

The platform is founded by Tori Hinn and originally began as a part of Tori’s degree project at the Rhode Island School of Design in 2013.
She started on the premise of solving the problem of imbalance in Design history. Although the Graphic Design department at RISD, where this project began, is 71% female, only 6% of the designers’ students learn about in Graphic Design history are women. This is a severe imbalance in the curriculum, and it’s not the problem of just one institution. Though there were and are many men to impact the history and world of graphic design, there have been great female designers right alongside them. In fact, the National Education Association reports that 54% of working designers are women. But why is a whole group being ignored in institutionalized design history?
Tori Hinn decided that going forward, she and her team would highlight the works of Female Graphic Designers, creating a tool made for today’s designers to start thinking about a more balanced picture—the whole picture.


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Tori Hinn is currently a designer at Google Creative Lab. You can find her on her website or on Twitter.

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