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Meet The Women Of The 2017 Class Of TED Fellows

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The 2017 Fellows are all leaders in their fields who constantly find new ways to collaborate and bring about positive change.
From an Ecuadorian neurobiologist working to uncover the neural circuits that connect the gut and the brain, an Afrofuturist filmmaker from Kenya who tells modern stories about Africa, to a Chinese entrepreneur and venture capitalist tackling global food system challenges, these TED Fellows are thinkers, creators and innovators breaking new grounds to lead us into wormholes of great possibilities.

 These 7 women from different creative fields made the TED fellows list for 2017.

They are:

Rebecca Brachman 2017 TED FellowRebecca Brachman (USA)

Neuroscientist + entrepreneur

Neuroscientist studying how the brain, immune system, and stress interact and co-founder of a biotech startup working to develop the first prophylactic drugs to prevent mental illness and increase resilience to stress.


Kayla Briet 2017 TED FellowKayla Briët (Prairie Band Potawatomi Nation + USA)

Filmmaker + composer

Mixed-cultural artist infusing her Neshnaabe, Chinese, and Dutch-Indonesian heritage in multiple mediums of storytelling: film, virtual reality, and music – from orchestral to electronic.


matilda_ho 2017 TED FellowMatilda Ho (China)

Food entrepreneur + investor

Chinese founder of Bits x Bites, China’s first food tech-focused accelerator VC that invests in startups solving systematic food challenges. She also founded Yimishiji, a farm-to-door e-commerce grocery platform.


Wanuri Kahiu 2017 TED FellowWanuri Kahiu (Kenya)


Kenyan Afro-futurist filmmaker using the science fiction and fantasy genres to tell modern African stories.


MeiLin Neo 2017 TED FellowMei Lin Neo (Singapore)

Marine biologist

Singaporean marine ecologist and conservationist studying the endangered giant clams of the Indo-Pacific, and promoting ways to protect these rare marine species from going extinct.


Lauren Sallan 2017 TED FellowLauren Sallan (USA)


Paleobiologist using the vast fossil record as a deep time database to explore how global events, environmental change and ecological interactions affect long-term evolution. She is particularly interested in what past mass extinctions of fish can tell us about modern climate change.


Elizabeth Wayne 2017 TED FellowElizabeth Wayne (USA)

Biomedical engineer + STEM advocate

Biomedical engineer working to enhance the ability of immune cells to deliver genetic material to tumours and co-host of PhDivas, a podcast about women in higher education.


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