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A Woman’s Place Is In The Resistance: Art & Posters Championing The Women’s March

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Yesterday, the 21st of January 2017 has become a remarkably significant day, forever stamped in the history of moving human rights forward. All over the world women marched(and are still marching) in solidarity and as a voice reiterating the fact that Women’s rights are Human rights! And once more, the role of art in the society was lifted high.
In George Orwell’s Lord of the Flies, the decadence of power was shown in the phrase “all animals are equal but some are more equal than others” and this was thrashed out.
Yesterday, Women all over the world raised the banner of equality and equity. Here is a showcase of the Art and Posters from the Women’s March.

No caption needed. #womensmarch

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It saddens and disappoints my heart to wake up this morning to see my feed filled with articles and comments and jokes and personal statuses from strangers and people I personally know about the @womensmarch yesterday. Bottom line, if you didn't march, weren't there, and just scoffed at the idea and actions of your fellow sister marching … the problem is with you. You see what the media wants you to see and is some of it true? Yes. But is all of it true? No. Not EVERY woman marched in hate. Just support your fellow sister for even going, for taking the time to be part of a historical moment, for raising awareness on some actual LEGITIMATE women's issues. We all understand as women there are far more women in other countries who don't have the rights as women in America do … yesterday's march doesn't discredit that. One thing at a time ladies. Bottom line, support each other and be proud of each other regardless of your political or feminist views. Stop putting each other down or making jokes about each other. It's not okay. To whom much is given, much is required. If yesterday inspired ONE young girl to finally speak up and let her voice be heard and for her to take the actions moving forward to say something … then mission accomplished! Please do not be mistaken … the @womensmarch yesterday was amazing and it was a very meaningful and impactful day of unity. What will happen today or tomorrow or a year from now? I don't know … but I hope that seeds were planted from the march for them to grow. I hope that the women who've decided to put down, make fun of, or ridicule the women who marched decide they will change their perspective and really examine their hearts. #goodvibesonly #iamaclassyfeminist #iamafeminist #womensmarch #doyourpart Be a woman who empowers women with YOUR gifts and use them to impact in a positive way.

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#womensmarch #womensmarchchi

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So proud of the world for yesterday's efforts. We shall overcome. Gorgeous image by @_lauraberger_ #womensmarch

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At the #womensmarch in Down Town LA @obeygiant #standup #rights #march #sketchlabco #art

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To see more art, posters and be fired up in your heart to take your place in this universe, see the hashtag #WomensMarch

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