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Adulphina Imuede’s Art as Tribute to her Mentor, Data Oruwari

“I just want to say thank you for the opportunity to be a part of this program and also a big thank you to Data she was really amazing and patient. The painting below is my dedicated piece to Data for helping me wake up to see what really my art is, and also a write-up/ poem for the piece which was a done by the amazing Hutch Lyle @hutch3713 on Instagram. He was amazing and patient and very perceptive of what the painting was about without me having to say a lot. Once again thank you and I hope you like and most importantly understand it.”

The girl and the city, the girl in the city, the city in the girl…
Watercolor on paper
11 x 15 inches.

Adulphina Imuede - Art Tribute to Mentor Data Oruwari

Somewhere below
Her rise
Stood she
Concreted in city
City concreted
Within she
Wrestling restlessness
Believing herself
For far too long

And still
The cries
Burst out through
The edges of her heart
“Free me, NOW!!!”

As she had always known
That she was destined
For more than this
These towering tombs
And ignorant views
Beauty and love
Freedom and life

Her life…

She knew.

She had to rise
Rise up
Higher and higher
Full up in hope
Full up in love
Filling up full
Her life…

And she did
breaking out and beyond
Listening now
Following now
Her newly
Freed soul.


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