Arts & Humanities Lab (2020 Cohort)

Arts and Humanities Career Lab

Are you an undergraduate or fresh graduate in Arts and Humanities? 

With the value of a humanities education hotly debated, do you often wonder what role your B.A degree can play in different industries?

Enroll for our Arts and Humanities Career Lab where our experienced Faculty will share practical knowledge and years of experience. Do you constantly ask yourself “What can I do with a B.A degree in the Humanities after graduating?”

50-70% of Arts/Humanities undergrads and fresh grads have no clue what to do with what they studied.

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Parents and guardians have legitimate practical concerns like:

Will graduates get jobs with decent incomes? Will they be happy and successful? Will they ever move out of their parents’ basement and into a place of their own?

Career Lab is for Undergrads & Fresh grads in the Arts and Humanities who are worried about their career prospects after school. Career Lab is for people who are disillusioned about their path and wondering about the worth of their B.A degree.

Learn strategies to get you on the career path that channels your energy amazingly with your Arts/Humanities degree. Get the lessons you need to MAXIMIZE your Arts and Humanities experience (better jobs, opportunities, networks etc.)

Connect from any part of the world

4 SESSIONS (2 hours each)

Through a 4-weekend online cohort, undergrads and recent grads in the Arts & Humanities, take classes with experienced Facilitators who grew from the same Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences background, complete structured exercises and receive guidance from these seasoned Experts.
Upon completion of the program, you are equipped with the knowledge, network, and know-how to successfully channel new career paths.

Limited Slots Available.
Enrolment closes on the 10th of August 2020.
Enroll now – $15 (or the Naira equivalent for Nigerians – N5,000)

Classes Start

15th August 2020

  • Debunking the myths that come with studying a Humanities course.
  • An introduction to a rigorous set of concepts and exercises for understanding your career potential.
  • Understanding career options that abound and how to be positioned for them.
  • Mapping a career path based on course of study, interests.
  • Breaking down a variety of blocks and inhibitions preventing you from pushing forward.
  • Question and answer session.

  • A strip down of different industries and how your Arts degree fits in.
  • Step by step approach to getting into various industries.
  • CV review and guidance.
  • Making the best use of your Arts/Humanities degree.
  • Question and answer session.

More resources:

  • Comprehensive Worksheets with exercises and tips.
  • Replay of the sessions available.
  • Interactive classroom with instructor feedback.
  • An extra-week of Post-Sessions Question and Answer chatroom.
About your Instructors


Gbemi Adekanmbi studied English at the University of Ibadan and majored in Literature. When she graduated from the University she at first struggled to find her path in the Creative Industry which she was absolutely in love with, so she understands what it’s like to struggle.

In the last 8 years, Gbemi has facilitated and helped build creative communities with global landscapes like The Feast Worldwide and 99U Local by Adobe. She has developed and executed Strategies and Communications for 10 companies and Startups focused on creating and maximising social impact in Africa.

From 2012 to 2016, she co-founded and co-ran Kwirkly, an Advertising and Creative agency which won various international awards. She has also handled Creative Strategy, Communications, and Content for Multi-nationals, Fashion Brands, Financial Institutions and Technology Startups like Zazaii (formerly L’Espace/LPM), Jobberman, WhoGoHost, Interswitch, Stanbic Ibtc, Afro Pop TV, Slim Trader and Acumen Digital.

Limited Slots Available.

Enroll now
$15 (or the Naira equivalent for Nigerians - N5,000)