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Illustrator, Gracia Lam’s Quirky & Playful Depiction Of Daily Objects

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Gracia Lam is an illustrator born in Hong Kong and raised in Toronto, Canada. She likes to reinvent everyday objects and mundane environments. Her style is a very refreshing one! Her work gives you an impression of a roll call of styles, she whips them out like it’s a piece of cake. She creates playful, yet striking and pseudo-strange characters that keep you glued like you are reading a story.
From Book covers to Post cards, animated characters, Gracia Lam is a lady with very alluring and weirdly vibrant styles. Her color gradient, interesting scenarios and beckoning freshness open the door to a world of imaginary elements.
Gracia Lam is a creative in an enchanting class of her own. She has created awesome work for The New York Times, The New Yorker, TIME Magazine, J.Crew, Cineplex, Penguin Random House, Budweiser, Pentagram and a host of other Products and Publications.

More from the series of posters commissioned by #soulpeppertheatre for the 2016 season.

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Personal work #blackfish

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