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Let There Be Colour!

The trends for the summer are diverse, of course, but many include a neutral and monochromatic look. Beiges, creams, whites, blacks, khakis, and browns are everywhere in the high street. The chances are that your office co-workers have probably opted for these shades too for their summer workwear. 

As if the bland trend were not enough, the latest hair color, mushroom blond has been named the most fashionable color of the season. Yep. You read it right. Mushroom. Mushrooms might be delicious, but they’re not the most exciting thing to look at. They have a unique place on the color spectrum, somewhere in between gray and brown. And mushroom blond does exactly what it promises; it’s a color between color. For anybody who wants to fade into the urban landscape and disappear against concrete walls, it is the hairstyle to choose. 

But, if you want to embrace the many colors of the rainbow and create a vibrant style that reflects your personality, you should wave bye-bye to the monochrome trends and listen to your inner creative voice.

Let there be Colour

Embracing colours

A bold hairstyle can refresh your personality

Ultimately, your personality affects your style. But the reverse is also true. Your style affects your personality. In other words, if you opt for a toned-down approach to your hair, you can immediately notice differences in the way it transforms your face and how people perceive you. The truth is that if you want to be seen as a creative individual, you need to embrace the magic of an unexpected hairstyle that let you stand out from the crowd. If you’re wearing your hair in braids over the summer, you can add a stylish twist with a print fabric, for instance. Regardless of what you pick, though, you need to work with a stylist who understands how to look after your hair. Indeed, Asian balayage hair colouring techniques don’t compare to Scandinavian hair balayage, for example. As Asian hair is much thicker and darker, the process of styling requires solid know-how to get the right results. 

Stop denying yourself a fashion chaos outfit

You’ve seen models on the catwalk do it with elegance and style, but for many, mixing up bold patterns and colors should be limited to the fashion industry. Embracing the potential of fashion chaos is liberating. Use your outfit as a true expression of your identity. If you think of your clothes as an extension to your personality, you can feel more confident about clashing shades and shapes. After all, people are full of contradictions, so why should your outfit reflect none of it? 

Why you need colors in your life

There’s always been a link between colors and emotions. Whether you see red or you’re green with envy, you know that colors play a significant role in defining your mood. Culturally, colors have meaning. We know, for example, that red is typically associated with danger. But combining colors with real-life memories can also transform their effect on your mood. Using colors as a central element of your style and interior decor can prove an effective way of managing your mental health. 

We live in a world of colors. Each shade has a meaning, both culturally and personally, that you can use to reshape your universe. You are, of course, a lot more than what you wear. But your style is a part of you, and the trend is for bold and vibrant personalities! 


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