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Not All Heroes Wear Cape! Lyra Aoko’s Photography Turns Black Women Into Sheroes

By November 16, 2017 No Comments

Lyra Aoko’s photography is beyond stunning, it’s a true pictorial depiction of her characters as they should be seen, in all their glories and awe. She engages the poetic side of her camera and brings to light all the hidden angles of the black woman form. Her photography is an exposé on bringing light to all the parts of a being, in ways that you hitherto had not imagined before.
Lyra Aoko is a Nairobi-based Fashion and Lifestyle Photographer. Her work is steeped in this mantra, to “capture you in your best light and create images from the heart to inspire and make you feel beautiful.”
If you are looking for an inspiration board this week, Lyra’s website and Instagram page is the right place to get lost in. Your heart will be filled with joy.

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RED Photography by Lyra Aoko Media @lyraoko Model @sia.sam_ Stylist @jamiekimani

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