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The New Yorker Cartoonist, Liza Donnelly on Creative Inspiration and Humour

Liza Donnelly is a cartoonist for The New Yorker Magazine, she’s been a cartoonist since 1982.
A few years ago, Liza discovered that she could quickly draw on her iPad and post her cartoons instantaneously on social media. It seemed as if people on social media were hungry for new visuals, and these quick sketches–often with snarky commentary in the drawing or tweet–struck a nerve. She has tweets drawn the Emmys, the Golden Globes, the Grammys, the BET Awards, the Tonys, the Olympics, the Mad Men premiere and finale, literary events, and more.
Liza is an absolute amazement! She is the author of seventeen books (seventeen!), has given TED Talks, speeches and has written essays that’ll totally blow your kneecaps off.

We’ve been inspired and enthralled by her work for a few years now and decided to approach her to ask what spurs her on and how she gets her inspiration. And she replied!

On when she started drawing.
“I have been drawing cartoons since I was 7 years old. I just observe life and love people and love to draw.”Liza Donnelly's New Yorker Cartoon

New Yorker Liza Donnelly Cartoon

New Yorker Liza Donnelly Cartoon

Communication is at the core of what she does, her live drawing is hinged on this.
“I’m inspired by life, communication and by wanting to help people through laughter. I also hope to inspire thought and change through humour.” Liza Donnelly Draws Oscar

Liza Donnelly Live Drawing Oscars 2016

Liza Donnelly Live Draws Clinton-Sanders

The best part is what inspires her!
“I am inspired by the capacity for my work to help women’s rights globally. I cultivate my humour and creativity by being curious all the time.”New Yorker Liza Donnelly Cartoon


Liza Donnelly's New Yorker Cartoon

Liza Donnelly New Yorker Cartoons

Liza Donnelly's Book

Liza Donnelly's Book - Women on Men

One piece of advice for women starting out as cartoonists.
“Young women: find a passion and keep drawing! Draw what you feel. This is important, very important.”

Watch Liza’s TED Talk on Drawing Upon Humour for Change. You should also visit her website, your heart will thank you for it. Follow her on Twitter and Facebook.

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