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Photos & Recap: Our First Lagos Meetup For Creative Women

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If there’s one thing women don’t do enough, its meeting like-minds and deriving strength from one another. This was why we hosted a community of creative women in Lagos to share their experiences and most importantly, moments of courage in their creative journey. This meetup we called, A Fellowship On Creative Courage.

On Saturday, 30th September 2017, we had our first Lagos Meetup. It was really exhilarating to see women in fellowship with one another. Before the event kicked off, our creative women were already bonding and sharing experiences! The meetup started with everyone introducing themselves and explaining what creativity means to them.

We moved after a few laughs to listen to Chika of Filament (A law firm that handles legal issues for startups and creative people) speak. The startup lawyer explained the thin line between deriving inspiration from other creatives and plagiarizing. Being a really juicy topic, our ladies had a lot of questions for her.

Adebola Rayo and Adeola Osunkojo, our guest speakers brought on a lot of fun, energy, and inspiration into the room by sharing moments in their life where they had been courageous and taken seemingly crazy decisions!

The event ended with a networking session.

There were small chops of course!

For Creative Girls Meetup - Chika

For Creative Girls Meetup - Comments

For Creative Girls Meetup - Adebola Rayo Speaking

For Creative Girls Meetup - Adeola Osunkojo Speaking

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