5 Super Heartwarming Christmas Ads for your 2023 Campaign

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As we cozy up for Christmas, let’s take stroll through some festive ads campaign that are sprinkling or have sprinkled joy like a confetti between 2022 and 2023. You’re gonna love them!

Coca-Cola’s Santa Gym Campaign

First up, we’ve got Coca-Cola, setting the stage of Christmas cheer! Can’t believe they got Santa to hit the gym, but it’s a Christmas campaign so why not? In the video Santa in a gym isn’t the only funny sight, Santa’s also doing laundry, and even catching the subway in a magical town. But hold up, it’s just an illusion. Coca-Cola takes us on a journey back to the real world, where regular folks are doing everyday acts of kindness that make your heart melt. In essence there’s a santa in everyone. The campaign felt like a warm fuzzy hug and its Coca-Cola’s way of saying, “Spread kindness, it’s the real magic of Christmas!”

Boots’ Gift-Giving Campaign

Now, let’s hop over to Boots, your go-to health and beauty brand. They’ve cooked up a heart-melting tale called “Give Joy.” In this curation, a little girl wonders, “Who gives presents to Santa?” Can already hear your ‘aww!’. Her family joins the fun, giving little gifts to folks they meet. Boots reminds us that even small gifts can make a big impact, especially when shared with a sprinkle of love. It’s definitely the message we all need to hear this Christmas!

Disney’s Magical Family Saga

We all know that Disney for one thing amongst many, making magic with stories! In their 2022 christmas campaign “The Gift,” a family gears up for a Disney-style Christmas with a new baby on the way. The story, paired with a soul-soothing soundtrack, wraps you in warm fuzzies. But the enchantment doesn’t stop there – glow-in-the-dark Mickey Mouse toys and Make-Your-Own Parol Lantern sets add a dash of sparkle. Plus, there are sweet surprises planted by kids in partnership with  the brand Make-A-Wish. This is Disney’s way of saying, “Feel the magic, and share the joy!” It’s a 2022 campaign but it still warns our hearts till now.


McDonald’s Tiny Wishes, Big Love

Now, let’s swing by McDonald’s, where director Tom Hooper (yep, the Les Mis guy!) crafts a mini but mighty Christmas tale. A kid’s wishlist gets blown away by the winter wind, but fear not! The magic of family shines bright at McDonald’s. When you really look at this campaign, youll see thay it’s all about the non-material things, the warm fuzzies, and cherishing what you have. So McDonald’s says, “Small joys, big love. Don’t be scared to show someone a loved one care in the ‘McChristmas’ way! Sometimes the joy is in the little things.

Telekom’s Christmas Twist: “Are You Happy?”

Kudos to Saatchi & Saatchi for Telekom’s campaign. It’s all about real connections, set to a modern ‘O Christmas Tree.’ The message? Amidst the chaos, the question that truly connects us is, “Are you happy?”

In the campaign video, a guy returns home for Christmas, expecting pure joy. Instead, he’s bombarded with the usual questions – “Law degree yet?” “Found love?” “Grandkids when?” But his Grandma came to the rescue! She drops the game-changing question: “Are you happy?” And just like that! warmth fills the room, stealing the spotlight. This is so relatable especially for young millenials and Genz in this stage where such decisions are made. So, this Christmas, let’s leave the pressures aside and ask questions that really matter

So, there you have it – emotions, kindness, family love, and some Disney magic. Wishing you the sweetest, sparkly, and heartwarming holidays. Cheers!

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