Lens Based Incubation Programme 2024

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Shaping A New Narrative For The Africa We Want Through The Lens.

Lens Based Incubation Programme is established towards developing the art of crafting creative ideas. Also involves converting them into products and businesses embracing the artistic, technical, experimental and creative innovations that the lens and its visual approach provides to create new and meaningful visions of the Africa with a chance to win up to USD$10,000 in seed funding.

Participants are supported with the system and structures they need to setup their own Lens-Based Creative Businesses during or after the programme.

These include Business development, Finance Management, Branding and Communications, Legal (IP), Website and Platform Development, Product Development.

Who We Are
MAD House by tikera Africa is a Creative Incubator, Accelerator and Research Institute dedicated to knowledge sharing, shaping, and sharpening, essential components for growth.

Selection Criteria: Applications will be meticulously evaluated by a panel of experts based on
the following criteria: only twenty (20) of the best profiles will be selected;
● Creativity: Showcasing your distinctive artistic vision and how it pushes boundaries within lens-based spaces. Emphasize originality, unconventional approaches, or fresh perspectives in your portfolio and motivation statement.

● Innovation: Demonstrating how your work explores new techniques, technologies, or storytelling methods within lens-based spaces. Highlight any groundbreaking or experimental elements in your creative practice.

● Social Impact: Articulating the potential impact of your work on audiences, communities, or the field of lens-based media. Explain how your creative vision can evoke meaningful change or provoke thoughtful engagement.

● Commercial Potential: Highlighting the scalable business you aim to establish and
outlining your strategies for its operation. Describe how the business will not only
support job creation but also contribute to economic development.

Eligibility Criteria:
● Applicants must be between age (18- 35)
● Be digitally literate
● Your idea must be Lens based
● Applicants must be able to dedicate their time to developing the idea between January 15th and April 30th

Apply Here

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