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21 African Creative Women: Anna Njoroge-Ngaruiya

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Anna Njoroge KENYA [Ythera Beauty] - African Creative Women - For Creative Girls
Anna Njoroge-Ngaruiya moved back to Kenya 5 years ago and noticed that there were few good quality made in Africa products and that imported ones were way too expensive. She took it upon herself to start a brand of quality products with an affordable price point.
Now, Anna is the CEO and Founder of Ythera Beauty, a Kenyan skin and personal care brand. Ythera is inspired by the power of the African woman: phenomenally resilient, passionate in the pursuit of her dreams and inspirational in her drive to succeed.
She manufactures the products in Kenya because she believes the only way to develop as a country and continent at large is to create an industry, which will generate a bigger ripple effect, something she holds dear to her heart.

What drives her to keep going?
Anna dreams that Kenya and the African continent at large will be able to become a self-sustaining economy that will eliminate poverty. She has begun with the few people who work for her that keep her going and motivating her to strive for more and create more employment opportunities

What legacy/mark does she want her work to leave?
Anna wants to create a brand that becomes the go-to brand in Africa when you think skincare, and contribute towards building our own sustainable economy.

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