Artwork Archive’s Art Business Accelerator Grant

Open to both emerging and established artists, the Art Business Accelerator grants resources to invest in your art business as well as six weeks of career-building modules that increase business skills, economic proficiency, marketing knowledge and more. Recipients receive funding and expert guidance to make the growth process easier, to gain confidence, and establish a solid business foundation for their art practice.

All applicants will receive the career-building educational resources designed to drive career development.

Eligibility: Emerging and established visual artists 21 and older

What you get out of it: 10 unrestricted cash grants of $2,500 each; a lifetime Master Account with Artwork Archive (valued at $1,000); educational resources/expert guidance.

Deadline: 14 May 2021

Apply here: https://www.artworkarchive.com/grants/art-business-accelerator

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