CCIR Youth Impact Fund 2023

Are you a high school student hoping to make an impact on your community?

The CCIR Youth Impact Fund is a unique opportunity for young students to receive funding from CCIR to make a positive impact in their communities. Recipients of the CCIR Youth Impact Fund will be awarded the title of CCIR Youth Impact Fellow and afforded the monetary and supporting resources provided by the fund. Beyond the support and recognition brought by the Fellowship, as members of the broader CCIR Alumni network, our Youth Impact Fellows will also have the privilege of joining an exclusive network composed of some of the brightest young minds of today.  

If you have a vision and a plan to make a positive impact on your community, then we are here to support you.

You are welcome to apply if you are a current high school student and would like to start a project. We will provide 200 GBP – 500 GBP and other resources, such as staff and mentoring support, for each selected project. The duration of support will be one year, starting from the date of confirmation. 

Toward the end of the Fellowship, our Fellows will be invited back to a colloquium, where they will get to discuss their work and be featured on the CCIR podcast platform. 

Beyond the duration of the Fellowship itself, however, our Fellows will gain continued access to a network of passionate fellow change-makers who can provide guidance and support as they venture onwards with their projects.  

There are no limits to the types of projects that can be funded through the CCIR Youth Impact Fund. Our only requirement is that the project must have a positive impact on others. 

We wanted to keep this requirement intentionally broad: we hope that our fellows can inspire dialogue, drive innovation, draw awareness, and bring people together. Thus, your project can take a number of shapes—from the organisation of a hackathon, a robotics tournament, a policython, a local mentoring program, a poetry slam invitational, a MUN conference, and beyond. 

We want to support you to make an impact—to help you realise your vision.

Who is eligible to apply for CCIR Youth Impact Fund? 

  • Students aged 14 to 19 from anywhere worldwide are eligible to apply. (Note: If you are under 18, you must provide a guardian’s information.)
  • Students can apply either as an individual or as a representative of a team or an organisation

How to apply for CCIR Youth Impact Fund? 

  • Please submit your application via the form here. 
  • If you have any questions, please email CCIR Outreach at outreach@cambridge-research.org  

What is the application process? 

A panel of judges will carefully review the CCIR Youth Impact Fund to determine the merit of the proposal. The application process itself will consist of three steps: 

Step 1: Application: 

Step 2: Referee letter or interview: 

  • For prospective applicants who pass round 1, we will contact their referees, either for a short interview or a letter of recommendation. 
  • Each application can list up to two referees; one must be a teacher or a counsellor of the applicant’s school.

Step 3: Interview: 

  • Shortlisted applicants would be invited to a final online interview conducted by one of the Fellowship board members.  

Step 4: Final Decision: 

  • A final decision will be made by late August

If you have any questions regarding the application process, please email: CCIR Outreach at outreach@cambridge-research.org

About the Cambridge Centre for International Research (CCIR):

The Cambridge Centre for International Research (CCIR) is a research organisation based in Cambridge, United Kingdom, with a global reach. CCIR partners with Ivy League and Oxbridge professors to offer various opportunities, including highly-selective online research programmes, to students worldwide. At CCIR, our mission is to empower today’s brightest young minds to drive positive change in their communities and the world.

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