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Could Moving Abroad Be The Catalyst to a Successful Career?

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There’s often no ceiling to a career. If we have the skill, drive, and passion to get something done, it’s very likely that we can push a career infinitely and achieve some amazing things in life. After all, the internet has given us some amazing opportunities in life and it’s now possible to make a living doing virtually anything. As long as you can monetize it and create demand where there isn’t, you could become incredibly successful by doing something that you love.

However, that kind of epiphany doesn’t happen overnight.

When you look back at successful entrepreneurs and really get into their minds, you’ll find that they often experienced catalysts that gave them a push in the right direction and really kick-started their careers. A catalyst could be anything from meeting an influencer to experiencing something profound that changed them forever. It often takes months or even years to find that catalyst which gives you the right push, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get out there and search for it.

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Why moving abroad can help you find your resolve.

One of the best things about traveling and moving abroad is being able to experience a different side of the world. If you stay in your home country the whole time, you’re only getting to see one side of the coin that is our amazing planet. With how interconnected the world is, it’s not unlikely to eventually start a business that could serve the entire world, making it important to understand not just your local audience, but audiences all over the world.

Even if you don’t plan to start a business, moving abroad and experiencing new things can open you up to new discoveries. It could be finding your soulmate in another country, or it could mean discovering an audience for your product that you previously didn’t imagine.

Taking advantage of opportunities as they come

It’s said that we miss 100% of the shots that we don’t take. Although it sounds like common sense, the idea behind the quote is that if we don’t take advantage of opportunities as they come, they’re missed and we won’t get to see if they could’ve been successful ideas. Opportunities don’t come very often and it takes a talented mind in order to discern if something is an opportunity that could bolster your career or not.

There are often two components of becoming successful. One component is being able to identify opportunities that are worth taking, and the other is to have the courage to take them as they come. Getting uncomfortable with the unknown is one of the best ways to really push yourself to strive for better things. Being able to tackle the unknown will ultimately mean that you’re not content with your current position, giving you that hunger for success.

Tips for helping you move abroad for a successful career

So now that you know moving abroad can be a great way to boost your career, here are some practical tips on how to live that life to the fullest.


  • Plan ahead – Don’t just end up in the country randomly and expect to get far. Look at housing such as the top Penang properties or best Canadian rentals and pick out your property, then look for jobs or study the language and formalities and build up your knowledge of that country.


  • Hang out with locals – The worst thing you could do when moving abroad is to just hang around with expats and others that speak just your language or come from where you come from. It’s fantastic to find people that are similar to you, but if you want to immerse yourself in the culture and discover new opportunities, you need to integrate with the society.



    • Be practical – Don’t move to a country where you don’t understand the language or have absolutely no relationship to. Don’t just pick a random spot on the world map and say you’ll move there–put some thought into your decision such as moving to a country that specializes in your passions or a country that your current organization has opportunities in.


  • Leave material things behind – Take some memorabilia and important items, but leave material things behind that you don’t need. Reminding yourself too much of home will make you homesick and could interfere with your search for a new life and a successful career.


Moving abroad for work sounds scary and often impractical, but the number of opportunities that arise from it will make it worth it. Learn to get out of your element and try something unique so that you can lead yourself to a more successful career.

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