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Creating A Cozy And Comfortable Home For Winter | Cassandra Alexander

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In many countries with cold, dark winters, the act of snuggling down and getting cozy is such a tradition that it has its own name. As well as being a time for functional chores to prepare for the cold, winter is also a season full of creative opportunities, a chance for a change of decor and a time to get snug and cozy curled up by the fire. Once the boiler has been serviced, the leaves swept from the gutters and water pipes lagged, you can enjoy sprucing up your home with the light and scent of candles, soft furnishings, and a cozy fire ready for the new season.

Draw Closer

The flickering light of a candle infused with the scents of the season provides a warm, welcoming glow on a cold winter’s night and even better is to make a focal point of a fire. A modern, ventless fireplace can be used with no need for installation. If you pull your chairs and sofa up to the fire to warm your toes, you can also keep radiators free of obstructions to ensure the heat dissipates as much as possible. Creating A Cozy And Comfortable Home For Winter

Cover up

To ensure the heat from the fire stays in the room, make sure you block out any drafts. Although it’s great to let the sunshine in during the day to warm the air, hang thick wool curtains at the windows and draw them as soon as it gets dark. It’s quick and easy to make a draft excluder. Take a rectangular piece of fabric, fold it lengthways and stitch the two edges and one of the ends together. Fill it with fabric stuffing or rice and stitch up the other end, then place it where there are gaps at the bottom of doors. If you have bare floorboards, a thick rug will block cold air seeping through the gaps and will feel cozy underfoot. You can even hang a brightly patterned rug or heavy quilt on the wall for extra insulation and to add interest to the walls.

Snuggle down

Throws and cushions are a quick and easy way to liven up a color scheme while at the same time adding practical warmth and comfort. Keep a wicker basket filled with brightly colored wool blankets handy for when you have guests. Adding depth and texture to your seating areas makes them a more inviting space for your winter hibernation.

Winters can be harsh so it’s good to know your home is somewhere you can be safe and comfortable. By bringing warmth, light, and color into your home during the colder months, you can create a sanctuary of coziness to see you through the season.

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