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10 Tips for Becoming Better at Creative Content Writing | Doaa Gamal

Creativity is a very important skill for helping you become a remarkable writer. If you would like to create something different, then you need to focus on some things that can help you in generating awesome pieces of content.
Here are some practical tips that will help you to be better at creative content writing.

Brain Storming and Writing Drafts:
First, if you would like to create something awesome you need to help free up your mind. Try to write different drafts for yourself, because by writing what comes to your mind your mind becomes developed from one point to another one. This is going to help you gradually in creating the most attractive and creative piece of content. Rubiks Cube - Doaa Gamal on Content Writing

Learning something new:
Help yourself from a time to time by learning and gaining new knowledge that’ll reflect positively in your content writing. It could be via reading different topics, reviewing competitor’s articles, braining storming, searching for people`s needs and working on it through your writing samples.
“If you don’t have time to read, you don’t have the time (or the tools) to write. Simple as that.” -Stephen King Books read - Content Writing

Listening to classical music:
On the other hand, you can try to listen to different kinds of classical music, it’s going to help you in being more relaxed and generating different writing ideas.

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Attending different content writing workshops:
While working and getting better at content writing, you are going to feel from time to time that you need something new. When you are in that phase, do not hesitate in attending creative writing workshops. You are not only going to learn new techniques or new skills, you are also going to create your network and help yourself by being up to date.Workshop - Content Writing

Choosing the most suitable time for writing:
There is a recommendation for creative content writer girls while writing to choose the most relaxing time for them. For example: Writing and generating amazing pieces of content from 2:00 am till 7:00 am. In that period, you are going to find a quiet and nice atmosphere around you, there isn’t going to be any form of noisiness, even you are going to feel that you are in a mind freeing zone and look forward to gaining new topics and ideas.
Take that period/initiative and write what`s coming to your mind first, then try to use an assistant tool for editing your writing samples.

Following your readers’ feedback:
While submitting your article, take some time in following your readers’ comments. You are not only going to know their opinions or feedback, you will also discover something new, such as new topics to write about, tweaking some of your writing habits/skills, understanding more about people needs and more attractive topics you could write on.

Setting up your writing schedule:
Setting up your writing schedule will help you in being more committed. So, help yourself by managing your daily activities and getting your schedule active.Alarm clock and reading table

Using something attractive:
If you would like to have non-normal writing samples if you are looking forward to attracting your readers if you’d like to gain high numbers of fans. Then, you need to have a style while writing your content or even context. Create something new and different. Start your paragraph by writing an attractive poem, short story OR a question. This is going to help your readers to become more curious and look forward to reading your articles until the end. You are going to have a feedback from them on what has been written and recommendations for your upcoming writing samples.

Working in a Motivating Environment:
Searching/working in a motivating or inspiring environment is going to help you in being more creative and feeling more comfortable while working on your content writing.Laptop Content WRitng - Writer

Watching Movies:
Watching inspiring movies while catching a break will help you in being more motivated and gaining more ideas for your content writing. Try to choose movies which that add to your character and your writing system.
Don’t be discouraged. Take feedback from others with a thick skin and keep submitting your amazing work, no matter what anyone else tells you. Just believe in your talent and keep going on according to what you are looking forward to achieving.
And always remember, “Words can be like X-rays if you use them properly they’ll go through anything. You read and you’re pierced.” -Aldous Huxley, Brave New World.

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