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A Webcomic About a Muslim American woman

Yes, I’m Hot in This is a hilarious and “spin things on its head” website that depicts the thoughts, musings and straight-out amusing moments of Huda Fahmy, a Muslim American woman. She shares her experiences as a modern-day Muslim woman in the American society, from the horrifying to the downright annoying stereotypic experiences. Huda spins these experiences into her webcomic series – Yes, I’m Hot in This.
Yes, I’m Hot in This is a webcomic about a slightly sweaty Muslim American woman who is trying to figure it all out.

In an interview with Miss Muslim, Huda Fahmy shares how she started this webcomic because she wanted to see more hijabi characters in comics and positive, delightful media
Yes, I’m Hot in This really came from a desire to see more visibly Muslim women in comics. I follow several illustrators on Instagram, and every now and then, one or two of them would include a hijabi character doing normal everyday things. I can’t explain the joy I first felt when I saw a hijabi being portrayed as nothing more than a girl with friends doing regular friend things. I wanted more. I realized I needed more. I want to see visibly Muslim women in comics, on TV, in cartoons, on stage doing stand-up, etc. Hijabi women are usually portrayed as submissive, abused wives. Or meek and mild. Or brainwashed into extremism. Or FBI trainees fighting terrorism (I see you Quantico). We’re rarely seen as regular people doing regular things. We’re rarely seen as women who are interesting, funny, creative, smart, or unique and who just also happen to cover their hair and dress modestly. So, my comic was born.

You should see the hilarious awesomeness of the webcomic and follow it up with this Photography series capturing young Muslim women around London.

It blows my mind. 🤯 ~repost~

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