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Curating Culture Through Design: Chauntelle Lewis’ Creative Artifacts

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Capturing moments and data points of events can be tricky in the mundane unwatchful eye. But, when a mind whose eye has been trained to note specks and bundles of cultural moments, you see the mundane turned into iconic. This is the embodiment of Chauntelle Lewis’ work.
Chauntelle Lewis is a Freelance Graphic and Social Designer at CJNLEWIS LTD & SXWKS (Creative Collective). Her work demonstrates a clear leaning towards video and photography, submerged in a strong storytelling ability. Research is a tool that enables her to have compassion and empathy towards end users. The underpinning aim of her work is not only to raise awareness about issues but also to create effective design solutions. What links all her projects together is her deep faith in graphic design.

Here are highlights of Chauntelle’s Projects

Ready Or Not
Chauntelle created an adaptable brand identity for Ready or Not: an Afrocentric pattern and illustration online based unisex brand, which produces screen printed garments and accessories. The brand is a start-up company curated by a friend, Olivia Mathurin-Essandoh and her, with the intention to have a company that can be used to sell garments and receive commissioned work once they graduated from design school. She created a logo that combines type and pattern and has the ability to be transformed into different line styles (i.e. zig zags and dashes).Ready Or not Design

Bow Stories
Bow Stories is an interactive installation that places locals (residents, workers and current and ex-students) at the forefront: giving them a platform to recall experiences and memories about the area. From the interviews Chauntelle conducted, Locals stated that the color that best represented Bow was red (from Bow’s red bricks to its red train station doors). The lampposts act as a touchpoint for locals and passersby to engage with Bow.
Lamppost icons have been plotted on TFL maps which are located directly outside of Bow Road Train Station. The lampposts light flashes red when locals walk under it (middle image). The NFC bump feature on selected lampposts then allows locals to connect to the Bow Stories app that features all of the stories (in video form).Bow Stories Social Design

Bow Stories Social Design

Bow Stories Social Design

Bow Stories Social Design
I Don’t Touch That Creamy Crack highlights a few of the cultural associations that some members in the black community have with their afro/kinky hair. It aims to investigate why black females with afro textured hair choose to relax their hair; instead of emancipating their natural hair texture. The final piece was “a series of posters called Dear Sisters directed at women within the black community. They were displayed inside and outside a local African-Caribbean hair salon.afro/kinky hair Social Design

Kinky Type Alphabet Social design
Black Hair Rocks Typographic Experiment: Black Hair Rocks is an online platform that posts and reviews hair tips for women, men and children within the black community globally. Chauntelle was commissioned by Black Hair Rocks to create a series of t-shirt designs for the launch of their new website. Below are some examples of some typographic experiments she created.Typography Design for Black Hair

Typography Design for Black Hair

To hire Chauntelle Lewis, reach her with this information:
Twitter: @cjnlewis

You should also check out her website and portfolio

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