Everyday Shero: Christiana Okosun

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Creativity and creative women abound in this universe. We encounter them everywhere we go, we work with them, we meet them every day, we are constantly in awe of them. But because some of these creative women do not conform to the rules of online majestic tapestry, we make the mistake of dismissing them as not being real creatives. Which is an idea that is laughable, because these women are our everyday sheroes, they are ones we go to every time we need to mend, sew, cook, makeup for parties, and tie gele. Our parents go to them for their creative needs of photography, bead making, craft discipline etc. Sometimes they even make more money than our minds can imagine. A lot of these creative women have had their craft handed down to them from one generation to another.

A lot of these creative women have had their craft handed down to them from one generation to another.
It is incredibly mind-staggering, all these amazingness that we do not acknowledge and are sipping from on a daily basis. These everyday creatives and sheroes are the backbones of economies, livelihood, great families, intergenerational talents and we thought to ourselves that we need to get their opinions on the journey of creativity and livelihood, comparing notes and receiving tips.
So, from time to time we will be doing short form videos and/or podcasts, interviewing these women and asking them how they are taking charge of their craft and lives. So if you want to hear what’s going on on the streets, come aboard.
Welcome to the Everyday Shero-Street Creatives series!

The first in this series is a friend of ours, Christiana Okosun. She is a fashion designer and bead maker, though, in this interview, we ask her about her fashion/tailoring craft.

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