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7 Fastest-Growing Jobs in Creative Design | Jennifer Hahn

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The opportunities for building a promising career in the area of design continue to grow, which means future designers have a lot of choices for professional placement in everything from advertising firms and the entertainment market to website development and graphic design. You are in the right place to discover the most promising and high-paying jobs in creative design, with tons of open positions. 

Interior Designer

Interior designers are in charge of creating visually pleasing interior spaces in which they arrange the colors, textures, lighting, and furniture depending on the preferences and needs of their clients. Since the global economy is thriving there are a lot of opportunities for interior designers to use their creativity and talent such as designing offices to increase employees’ productivity, hotels to provide the most enjoyable stay, retail spaces to attract more customers, hospitals to provide a relaxing experience and designing private residences in a way that suits the needs and tastes of its residents. 


Fastest-Growing Jobs in Creative Design

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Animation includes different areas such as motion picture, computer systems design services, video industries, and advertising, in which animators use their talent and skills to entertain people, bring value to businesses, create memorable commercials – the possibilities are endless. Animators draw their ideas by hand and then transfer them on computers to create animation for movies, TV, and computer games. Also, the meteoric rise of VR/AR is expected to create more and more new jobs for creative people in the field of animation. According to the teachings of a master’s degree in design for virtual reality, experts are anticipating that the impact of VR on our lives will be comparable to that of the internet and smartphones, offering promising possibilities in a range of fields: education, entertainment, architecture, audio‑visuals, transportation, engineering, digital cities, social action, etc.  

Graphic Designer

Every business and every brand out there needs graphic designers to plan, analyze, and create visual materials that will ensure effective communication with the public. There are promising opportunities in almost every industry from media and film to retail. Graphic designers are in charge of arranging colors, graphics, animation, and layouts in a way that’s pleasing for the eye and effective for the business or the individual. 

Transportation Designer

Transportation designer might not be the first job that comes to your mind, which is why it’s one of the most promising areas for fast professional growth – people need to get places and they use different types of transportation. But the job prospects in this field go beyond developing means of transport. For instance, certain innovative programs in transportation design prepare professionals to design not only vehicles but also transportation systems and accessories that are in high demand on the market. Besides learning about important aspects such as psychological and emotional mechanisms of consumers, citizens or users about different means of transportation, the students also get to work on complex projects in collaboration with companies that are already working in this sector which helps them gain skills that the labor market needs and develop a sense of creativity, style, trends, and products’ life cycle.

Mobile Designer

Technology grows at a fast pace, so do mobile designers who work closely with user experience and user interface to develop mobile websites and apps across multiple platforms using the latest innovations. It’s no wonder why many graphic designers decide to reposition themselves as mobile designers by gaining relevant knowledge in programs such as Adobe Suite, HTML, XML, Javascript, FLEX and more. The fact that people consider phones as an extension of their arms clearly shows that skilled mobile designers have the perfect landscape to build a successful career.

Web Designer

Web designers use their keen eye for design and their computer programming skills to create the look, layout, and features of a website. With the rise of technology and the internet, a web designer has become one of the most in-demand professions not only in the design industry but in general. Besides creating the visual appearance, web designers are also in charge of maintaining and keeping sites up-to-date to provide users with the best experience.

Product Designer

A product designer is a problem solver at its core, working closely with many teams of different backgrounds to create three-dimensional goods. They use their skills and knowledge in businesses, art, and engineering to design various products and are responsible for their appearance, quality, function, and safety. There are multiple options for professional placement for these professionals since there is a product designer behind everything we see and use nowadays from our household appliances to the cars we drive. 

Businesses perfectly understand that design is what brings awareness, attracts and sells on the modern market meaning that designers of any kind have plenty of promising job opportunities to choose from. You won’t go wrong with any of these fast-growing professions that are always in need of skilled and talented designers. 

AUTHOR BIO: Jennifer Hahn Masterson is a lifestyle blogger and senior content strategist at Spread the Word Solutions digital marketing blog, having a keen interest in a wide array of topics related design, fashion and travels. In her leisure time, she likes to immerse herself in a good book and try to satisfy her perpetual wanderlust. 


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