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Weekly Creative Smorgasbord: 10 Amazing Ideas, Tips, Executions & Campaigns Seen This Week

Here’s a weekly round-up of a couple of beautiful ideas and executions that are mind blowing, awesome and soulful that we found around the world/on the internet.

1. LEGO Replica of Hamburg Elbphilarmonie.
2. These marvelous photographs of Women’s Football in the Netherlands.
3. 99U’s search for iconic bookstore for designers. From an international zine shop in Shanghai to New York.
4. A series of short films about what happens when you allow kids who have just learned to walk by themselves—to explore the world completely on their own.
5. Twitter brought together inspiring and aspiring female leaders and creatives from around the world for its #SheInspiresMe initiative.
6. 100 Graffiti Artists unleashed upon schools in Paris for glorious makeovers.
7. Award-winning creative professionals to offer some of their best design advice.
8. My Body & My Daughter: A cartoonist analysis of her daughter’s disgust when it comes to her body.
9. Procter and Gamble Ad that tackles Bias, depicting Black parents having the talk with their kids.
10. U.K bans Gender stereotypes in Ads.

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