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Forever & Today: A Poem by Martina Imeh

By February 5, 2019 No Comments

A glimpse of him and I already planned a lifetime, this beautifully made man got me thinking what if?
I was having an out of body experience again, a little sidestep in my head made me remember who and where I was and slowly just like I always did;
I walked into the remaining part of life, never wanting to know what it might feel like being with someone other than myself.

“No regrets just yet” I’d like to think, I felt content not entrusting any fragment of myself to another, never wanting to deal with the uncertainty of what might come with such a great feat, this option was best for someone so emotionally recluse.

This norm was me at best and I wasn’t ready to part with my safe space just yet, maybe tomorrow might convince me enough to open up like an onion. But today? it was just I and my idealistic individualism swimming around the earth.

Martina ImehMartina Imeh Bassey is a Lagos based writer, model, and volunteer. She is passionate about speaking for Women, Humanity & Slum reformation. Martina loves the art of thoughts being transformed into written words.






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