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Poets That Set Our Hearts On Fire: Noor Shirazie

Noor Shirazie’s poems are balls of fire that engulf our hearts. Her metaphors are worth living for and her words are sheer beauty.
She has a blog where she opens her mind to a variety of perspectives, embracing creativity in its many outlets, and seeing that we are as different as we are alike.
Noor Shirazie was born in Pakistan and has lived in a variety of countries since then, including the U.A.E., Australia, Qatar, Bahrain, and the U.S.

Although she has a degree in supply chain management from Northeastern University, she has blossomed into a phenomenal artist and published ‘Into The Wildfire: Mourning Departures’ in April 2016. She published ‘Into The Wildfire: Battle Scars’ in December, a collection of poems about endurance.
Aside from writing poetry on a daily basis, Noor Shirazie enjoys cooking, sketching, singing, and playing the piano.

You should follow her blog and buy her book, to read more heart-gutting poetry.

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