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Google Search on Steroids? : How AI tool ChatGPT Is Revolutionizing Creativity

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As a creative in 2023, you are likely well aware of several AI tools available to help you get your ideas off the ground and bring them to life, ChatGPT is one of many such tools revolutionizing the ideation process. 

In November 2022, over 1 million users jumped on yet another AI wagon designed to make life easy. If you’re wondering how it started, what its limitations are and why you should care as a creative, then keep reading.

A backstory to ChatGPT 

Have you ever heard the phrase ‘Y combinator’? an idea that started out as a boot camp boomeranging into a start-up accelerator that has funded over 3500 companies? Well then, you should know about its former president Sam Altman. This young brilliant founder is one of the masterminds behind chatGPT powered by OpenAI.

Although open AI has previously worked on similar language models like GPT-3 and Instruct GPT, chatGPT seems to be its biggest fish yet. On landing massive partnerships with big names like Microsoft Corp, and perhaps threatening the massive dynasty of Google’s search engine world, openAI is said to be on a sure path to revolutionizing human-computer interaction.

What exactly is chatGPT?

ChatGPT is popularly referred to as the greatest chat bot existing with an ability to keep up conversations, respond to follow up questions, decline inappropriate prompts and achieve quite some interesting tasks. A more technical definition would describe it as a tool based on the GPT-3 language model, trained on 500 billion pieces of texts and 175 billion artificial neurons. 

Just in case you’re wondering what a language model is, I have an easy to understand definition for you. Language models are the next big thing “overtaking the traditional search engines as a primary means of online information”. See why chatGPT might be a threat to the Google search engine dynasty? And clearly, Microsoft Corp is here for it!

What are its Limitations? 

“Everything has limits. The Universe has limits — nothing outside the laws of physics can happen, no matter how much we try — and even the infinite — the set of natural numbers is infinite, but it doesn’t contain the set of real numbers.”

This quote from Alberto Romero aptly captures everything that needs to be said about any limitations experienced by users of chatGPT or any technology.

However, let’s go through the experiences of some users after their exploration of chatGPT

  • As correct and sensible as humans?

Professor, Linguistics, UW, Emily Bender

  • It corrects itself but is it really correct?

Raunak Parmar, Security Consultant at NotSoSecure

  • Words from the CEO 

Sam Altman

These and many more limitations as detected by users is why many would rather refer to it as an imagination enhancing tool rather than a viable source of information.

Why Should You Care?

Based on majority feedback from users, it’s safe to say that ChatGPT stands out among other language models because it’s free, more human in interaction and has an amazing user experience. Plus, who doesn’t like to play with bots that talk like humans? 

So here’s a list of what you can use chatGPT for as a creative

  1. Use chat GPT to generate ideas

If you are struggling to come up with a character name, you might input something like “generate a list of names for a female character in a fantasy novel.” The chat GPT will then generate a list of names for you to choose from.

  1. Use chatGPT to collaborate

If you are working on a screenplay with a partner, you might input a few scenes and let the chat GPT generate ideas for dialogue, character development, and plot twists.

  1. Use chatGPT to write articles

Yes, you guessed right. Some parts of this section  (although minute)  were generated by chatGPT with a lot of human touch. So yes, with the right prompt, you can write articles with specific word counts and direction with chatGPT. Or better said, chatGPT can write it for you.

Google Search on Steroids? : How AI tool ChatGPT Is Revolutionizing Creativity

Chat GPT snapshot from the author

Other uses 

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To Use or Not to Use AI?

From the Jan 9 version update,  it’s obvious that there will be more work done to improve on chatGPT’s deficiencies. However, no specific date has been announced on when it’ll be monetized.

While we await the big announcement, taking advantage of this tool might save you some time, amplify your creative efforts or help you try out things outside your skill sets. So, give it a try! After all, technology flows in the direction of a simpler life for all humans.


Author : Ifeoluwa Alabi

Ifeoluwa Alabi believes strongly in the dynamic power of words to control any narrative, evoke a desired emotion and propel a specific action. As a content Strategist, she designs conversation that helps improve overall brand and user experience. She is also in charge of communication and editorials at For Creative Girls










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