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How to Make a Living by Working on the Internet

You have heard the story before: someone across the world started making a blog, and now they are earning 6 figures and travelling the world. You will likely come across hundreds of articles titled “X quits 9 to 5 for working on the internet and is now a millionaire”.

While these are excellent at selling the dream, very few explore the fact that you can do it too! Where should you start? How can you avoid MLMs and pyramid schemes? And what skills will you require? Here is a handy guide that will answer all your questions.

How to Make a Living by Working on the Internet

Photo by John Schnobrich.

Getting Started

The world online is a vast one, and the options are infinite. When you are thinking about making a living by working online, it’s hard not to get overwhelmed and scared by the never-ending scams and potential failure. The first thing on your agenda should be to set aside your feelings of intimidation, and here is what you should do next:

Identify Your Skill Set

Once you have put yourself in the right mindset, it’s crucial that you ask yourself the most important question: what is your skill set? Once you have determined your strengths, you can figure out which niche can benefit from your services. 

Typically, you will find a ton of businesses online that will require your services, and when you are working on the internet, it’s easy to adapt. Go ahead and rank which ones will work out the best for you!

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Profit Margins

If you plan to make a living online, you will need to look out for jobs and online gigs that offer an excellent profit margin. Analyze the costs you’ll incur both financially and in terms of time before advancing with the plan. It will allow you to determine whether it is worth offering the service or not!

Build a Scalable Business

As you work towards making a living by working on the internet, you will need to ensure that it does not take over all your time. One of the key takeaways of working online is its flexibility in terms of time and scalability. 

If the services you offer online have the potential of being converted into a full-time business and generating passive income, it would be worth it to create a website that can display your services. You can read more about creating a website, ranking it using SEO, and converting visitors into customers online. It is a fantastic way to generate passive income. 

High-Paying Skills to Offer on the Internet

Now that you know what it takes to make a living online, let’s take a look at the skills you can offer to make a 6-figure income in no time!


Often online entrepreneurs start out as bloggers to share their stories and expertise. If you have a penchant for writing or an exciting skill to share, you can let the world know of your creativity through blogging. To earn a handsome amount from the blog, you will need to produce content that drives traffic to your website. You can convert this traffic into sales by advertising your products or using affiliate marketing. 

Virtual Assistant 

If you have experience with data entry and customer support, it is time you look into the services you can offer as a virtual assistant or VA. Join a freelancing platform, build a strong portfolio and connect with clients all over the world. If you are currently working as an assistant or secretary, ask your boss to allow you to work from home. This way, you can keep your current job and explore your options online!

Freelance Designer 

If there is anything that massive brands and businesses have learned by selling their products online is that good design matters! As more and more companies move online, they require someone to create visually stunning graphics that connect emotionally with their audiences. 

The gig is not limited to one-time work and can be seen all over social media, logos, and advertisements. If you are proficient in using graphic designing tools, you can easily start an online business offering graphic design services. 

Sell Courses Online

If you have a background in teaching or are an expert in a particular field, you can benefit significantly from converting that knowledge into a course and selling it online. You can either build your own website to display the courses or join a partnership program with any of the hundreds of course-selling websites. They will take a nominal commission from every sale.

Making a living by working online is intimidating, but it can be highly profitable if the proper steps are taken. Hopefully, you are now equipped with the adequate knowledge to build an income online. You can create your own website to generate legitimate money online, thanks to the internet.


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