We Launched A Mentorship Program For Female Creatives

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We’ve created 2-month mentorship program for Female Creatives. The mentorship program has been developed to help upcoming artists and creative women get the guide, help and resources that they need to accelerate their growth in their chosen fields.
Being a Creative person and a Human being to start with, usually comes with aspirations, dreams and possibilities coursing through your veins. In the creative world, as with almost all other aspects of the universe, it helps a lot when you meet one or two people who has made a significant change or momentous increase in their lives or with their Art and Work. It usually creates a Paradigm shift of sorts, suddenly you find out about resources, guides, angles and dreams that are achievable.

Makers, creators, freelancers, and artists are thriving around the globe, and this mentorship program is tailored to help bridge the gap between female creatives uncomfortable with the stage your art/skill and those who have grown tremendously.
The process of meeting/learning with someone who has made a significant degree of great work is where Mentorship takes place. Mentorship is something that we have always wanted to channel as part of our goals for building the platform and we’ve been trying to figure out how.
Until we realized that mentorship doesn’t have to be physical. A lot of the people we know, love and have come to relate with regularly are people we have not met physically – thank you Internet!

This means One-on- one virtual guidance can cause accelerated growth in a person who is thirsty for growth in their chosen field.
Hence, the For Creative Girls 2-month Mentorship Program.

We’ve therefore brought together a couple of badass and established creative women who want to see the creative industry grow and mentor one or two people. So if you are a female creative, uncomfortable with the stage your art/skill is and you want to be mentored by one of these amazing women, go to the mentorship website. and send in your work.
Application Closes: March 17. Mentorship Starts on the 20th of March and ends 20th of May

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