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Money is What You Make of It: Things I Learnt in 2018 | Gabriella Opara

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If you read my previous article, I hope you were able to find something valuable to ponder on and work with. Anyway, still on the new year buzz, I will be sharing a few more tips I gleaned from my ride through 2018.
It’s been a valuable learning curve so far and I believe the list below will help you put those goals you’ve made for 2019 into better perspective.
Oh, one more thing before I dive into it; who else still can’t get over the fact that Meghan Markle and Prince Harry got hitched last year! (swoooon). I just had to get that out. Did you see the wedding ceremony? Did you hear the music? Did you listen to that sermon?
Okay okay, enough of that, now to my tips;

Enjoy every moment: Life serves what you dish out if you expect the worse that is what you will get (and vice versa).
There will be situations beyond your control, things you can’t help and decisions you have to make. These are things you’ll have to do yourself, so why not do what you know you can live with?
Do not beat yourself up, what will be will be and what will be will not be unless you make it be. That’s just life, enjoy the ride.

Money is what you make of it: If you are waiting to be rich before making an impact then that’s your first mistake. Money is only most important in the way it is used. Investment is vital and if you haven’t been taking it very seriously then that’s your second mistake; karma gives what it gets. Invest in people, invest in communities, invest in assets.

Underestimating yourself will happen, you’re green: If you are launching into something new, chances are you’ll feel like a fish out of water, especially if you are alongside people with in-depth knowledge of it.
Most times you will feel like calling it quits because it’ll be overwhelming but you’ll find that you underestimate yourself. If you give it time and determination then you will do more than you believe. Most of the biggest companies worldwide started operations in bedrooms or garages. You need to stick with that thing you want most, it’ll pan out.

Focus kills distractions: Laser focus differs from a goals mindset, one aids the other but focus is needed for goals to be achieved.
Why do you think many New Year resolutions are usually not achieved? Because it’s mostly done by zest and not zeal; if you can simply ignore inhibitions and focus on results, you’ll find that achieving goals is easier than you think.
Make no mistake, it will require work but focus makes it easier.

Ask the why’s, know the how’s, forge ahead: Knowledge is gained by asking questions, practice sheds light on what has been learnt, giving experience in the process.
Learn to live each day as it comes, ask questions, thirst for more and conquer fear in your quest for more.
2019 is here, forge ahead, explore your options, find mentors, live your dream and be the best you!

Gabriella Opara

Gabriella Opara is a freelance content writer based in Lagos. She is passionate about creativity and self-development, moonlighting as a poet and amateur artist by night.

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